Apr 2, 2010

No Place Like Your Own Home

There is really no place your own home so after being devastated by Ondoy, we are again throwing good money after bad. Yes, we are building the dream house gain. What you can see at the picture above is the house after the roofing has been installed. The hollow blocks inside are for the restroom, the kitchen and the rooms. We have finally taken the plunge and spent all the insurance proceeds to once again build the house. The price of materials are indeed very high! A sack of cement costs P225, would you believe! I wonder if I can afford to buy a diamond saw blade if I need one? Good thing my brother in law acts as our foreman and he was able to get two laborers at reasonable price! But they still have more than 2 weeks to work on the house so I am getting ready for more expenses. It is true that you should budget more than the amount you were quoted for the construction because there are other materials to buy and unexpected expenses that would come up. I just hope that they finish soon because we do not have that much budget and enrollment is just around corner! But since this is our dream house, we are willing to bear the sacrifices and hope that we can live at the house soon!

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