Apr 6, 2010

Personal Emails

I was filling up an application for a scholarship grant for my son and one of the information being asked is the email address. I was about to write down my office email address when I paused and thought whether it was proper. Would the school think that I am using my work email for a personal matter? Or would they see it as a sign that I take the application seriously and would give it the same importance that I give my work? I usually use my office emails for booking flight online because I want to make sure that I will get them and not to be treated as spam on my personal email. But I really am at a quandary. I guess if I have an email hosting then I wouldn't be thinking this hard about it. It is one of the things that I am really thinking of getting once I get more serious about blogging and doing online jobs. But as of the moment, I am still thinking. But since I want to be sure that I will get their reply, I think I will just write down both my office and personal email addresses. I pray that I will get a positive reply because we really need the help! As of personal emails on my office mail, I hope my boss understands.

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