Apr 23, 2010

Will You Leave the Country?

With only 18 days to go before the national elections on May 10, some people are still seriously questioning the Comelec's ability to conduct an honest and peaceful automated election. The Comelec is not known for being efficient or impartial, and some people are thinking of a failure of elections scenario. Some people are already planning emigration thinking that there is really no future here should the elections fail. I am asking myself the same question: will I leave the country? If I have the means to emigrate, will I do it? I do not have an honest answer at this point. I don't know how bad it will be after the people once again realize they have been had and maybe take it to the streets again. If its peaceful, fine. But what if it turns violent this time? The current administration is not known for subtlety so that is a possibility. But what if it gets so bad? I am a parent with three kids and if I have the means to move to another country where I don't need to feel afraid for their future, then maybe I will. But if this how all parents would feel, what will happen to us now?

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