Jul 30, 2010

Air Phil's Piso Fare

Not to be outdone by Cebu Pacific, Air Philippines is also having a Piso Fare sale today and tomorrow! Travel period is from October 1-November 30, 2010 and January 16-February 28, 2011. So far, I haven't been lucky with Air Phils. Not like with Cebu Pacific where I have already booked my CDo-Manila travel for 2 for only P145! But this is good news to all of us who wants to travel around the Philippines.

Just try to book and I hope you get the dates you want at Piso fares. Wow Philippines, yehey!

Friday Quotes: Just Because

I heard this over Chico and Delamar at RX this morning and felt it was an apt quotation for this meme. The photo was taken in Alona Beach in Panglao Island, Bohol.

Jul 26, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday: Corn People!


This is my son's costume during their celebration of Nutrition Month at school. Does he look like a corn to you? Ha ha, my artistic sister Kris made this for my son.

Good thing my camera is working again! More Mellow Yellow pictures to come!

Amazing Grace Amazing Birthday Contest

I am joining Grace's Amazing Grace Amazing Birthday Contest just because her birthday falls on the same date as my mothers! She is sure to be a very good person if her birth date is any indication! My mom sure is!

This is what you have to do to join this contest:

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Jul 23, 2010

Friday Quotes: Life

I got this via forwarded email from a friend and its too good not to share. This is my Friday Quotes entry as well.

You can also subscribe to pravsworld.com to keep receiving these nice inspirational thoughts.

I want a swing and a front porch!

I saw a picture of a beautiful house in Real Living and I was really drooling over it! It has a front porch with a rattan swing that just looks perfect! The inside of the house features rustic furniture that makes it look oh-so-divine! The bath is to die for, the kitchen is a cook's paradise and there is a pocket garden. If I have the money today, I wont be here writing this piece: I would probably be on the phone with the real estate agent haggling over the price. For me, the front porch and the swing are really very nice touches that scream to tired, working moms like me. How would it feel to relax at that swing once the chores are done and the kids tucked in bed? With a glass of red wine on one hand, and a book on the other, that would be heaven! Or maybe with the husband beside you telling you about his day while you massage his temples? Heaven indeed! Of course, let us not talk about the price of the house right now so as not to spoil the dream, ha ha ha! But since it free to dream, I will dream right on!

Jul 21, 2010

Watery Wednesday

This is my first every Watery Wednesday entry, taken during our recent Boracay trip. There is so much more to tell and so many pictures to share so stay tuned!

Typhoon Woes

I can't forget our experience at the airport last Wednesday for our Boracay trip. Since typhoon Basyang came with very strong winds that was not predicted by our weather bureau, many electric posts were destroyed causing massive brownouts in the city. I think the airport sits in one of those affected areas because they were running on generator. Can you imagine the heat at the airport last week? Yes, it was indeed so hot and they only have a blower that was not enough for all those passengers. My kids were just standing in front of the blower, hoping for more air and less humidity. Good thing they dont have asthma, otherwise we should have looked for an indoor air purifier at the airport!

That typhoon was really bad and death toll has risen to almost a hundred. We only suffered the discomfort of waiting at the very hot airport but I feel for those who have lost their loved ones from the typhoon. I know that our country should have been more prepared for typhoons because there are a lot coming in every rainy season. But I guess nobody can really ever be prepared for a disaster. I just wish that the next typhoon will just bring us the water that we sorely need, and not the devastation.

Jul 20, 2010

Dont Let the Bed Bugs Bite!

Did you miss me? I have been away from this blog for almost a week and it's because we went to Boracay. The trip was very enjoyable and memorable despite the mishaps. First, there was the typhoon and we thought the flight was canceled. Fortunately for us, it was only delayed for an hour. Then my camera conked out on me. It was weird but when we woke up the following day, the camera would only show white on anything we took a picture of! We borrowed another camera and the same thing happened again! I wanted to just sleep and pretend it was not happening! But the resort was one of the nicest things we enjoyed during our stay. It was very accessible and very near the D'Talipapa where there where lots of places to eat. The aircon was cool and just right though there were eight of us. The beds were well made, and the extra mattress was just right for 2 people. I can honestly say that it beats the New York hotel of one of the bloggers I follow who wrote at length about his bed bugs in NYC horror experience! If only we were not in Boracay, I would have opted to stay at the resort and just lounge all day. It is safe to say that we all had a very nice sleep and didn't even feel the bed bugs bite (not that there were any)! Ha ha!

Jul 13, 2010

Bucket List: A Stamp on My Passport

On my bucket list, before I turn 35 is to have a stamp on my passport: proof that I have already traveled outside the Philippines. So far, the item to travel within the Philippines has been crossed off for some time now. I only have two years to get that stamp on my passport. Top of my list of countries to visit is the United Kingdom after I saw pictures of my friend in this nice Bed and Breakfast in Manchester. I literally really turned green in envy when I saw her and her husband vacationing in my dream destination. My boss has been there also for her honeymoon and she told me that the money they spent was well worth it! But I know that I will also get there somewhere. I actually just finished setting up an online passport appointment for my husband. We are also checking out the Asean fare promo of the local airlines because we also want to visit Cambodia and Thailand. While UK is a continent away and will need a lot of preparation mostly budget wise, visiting a neighboring country may be easier. I will make sure that I will get that stamp on my passport before I turn an old 35!

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

They say that a good conscience is the best bed partner, but I would think that a nice inflatable bed will not hurt either! I have a clear conscience so nothing in the areas of bad dream or heavy conscience should get in the way of a nice night. But I just woke up from a restless night and I think it has nothing to do with the coffee that I had an hour before I turned in. I think its the old mattress in our bed. Its lumpy at places and God forbid there should be ticks in it! I think I have some bites at my back. Not to mention it hurts too because of the lumpy bed! I guess its time to whip the card out and buy a nice bed. I also need new double decked beds for my house in Montalban, one for us and the kids in one room, and another for my mother and sister in the other. I really prefer a bed with pull-out, but that is not possible here in our current house because of the space. Good thing that Robinsons is having a home fair. I really will look for a new bed tomorrow because I need my sleep.

Jul 12, 2010

Getting Rid of Fire Ants!

When I was a kid, we used to play by having red and black fire ants fight each other. We made a big production out of it and since we never ran out of ants, this usually take us the better part of the day. We enjoyed it so much then, not concerned whether these insects have feelings too. It was the same thing with spiders. I was never bothered by ants then, except when I had to climb some trees. But now that I have my own kids, I hate these ants with a passion! There is a saying that the presence of ants brings good luck or abundance but I never buy that for a minute. For me, ants means insect bites and insect bites means unhappy kids! They really are pests, not only to my plants but to the house as well. Their nest brings loose soil that spells dirt. I can't imagine also the bacteria and germs that they bring with them! And I can't pour insecticide on them because I cant stand insecticides as well. While I hate them, I feel its to cruel to pour boiling water over them. But when they get too many, I ask my husband to do this. Or he sometimes put fire over their nests. But once they are disturbed, they bite and I hate them all over again! I wish I can get rid of the forever!

Mellow Yellow Monday: Street Food


What could be more delicious than street food? This one here is Palabok.
This is Mami with egg

And this one is Lugaw with Egg.

Such simple but delicious dishes! Happy MYM!

Business Cards Online

When my boss has to travel urgently and we cannot order his business cards right away, I wished then that I knew of business cards online. That way, I can have them delivered to wherever he is traveling. Normally, it takes our suppliers more than a month to proof read, print and deliver the cards. So we usually order enough to last more than several months. However, when he changes his title or responsibility, the cards are then rendered useless. We end up spending unnecessarily just to accommodate the capabilities of the printers.

Even for my own personal business card needs, I am thankful for the ease that online ordering offers. I can now design my own card and have it printed as soon as I need them. A blogger must always have some business cards with her so she can promote her blog even during events and offline interactions. Even during simple get together, I always armed with my business card so people will know my online existence. I used to print my own cards but they don't look as professional. People tend to keep nice looking business cards, I learned the hard way. Good thing that ordering online is just one click away. It really makes things very convenient and practical.

Jul 9, 2010

Friday Quotes

This was from the character of Atticus Finch on To Kill a Mockingbird. A great book.

Jul 8, 2010

Litratong Pinoy: Disiplina

Kung tayo ay may disiplina, kailangan pa ba tayong takutin ng kamatayan sa mga tamang pagtawid lamang? At ang masama pa, sa kabila ng mga ganitong larawan, hindi pa rin tayo sumusunod!Ang tanong nga lang, may namatay na nga kaya diyan?

Big Car for a Big Family

My friend recently gave birth to her second child and other than the usual surprises that comes with having a new baby, she is well on her way to recovery. She has adjusted quite well and thinks the world of her new baby. We were already planning family trips when we both remember that their car is a 4-seater and now would probably need a 7-seater car! I told her my dream car is a lexus rx 450h but since I have a bigger family, this would probably remain a dream. My friend is currently driving a honda cr-v and of course it was perfect before the new addition to the family. We overheard our husbands discussing the merits of the dodge charger and chevy silverado and had to laugh at their enthusiasm. Unfortunately, they had to be reminded of the growing size of the family. What with car seats and bottles and nappy bags and other travelling needs of a baby and a toddler, I guess a van would be more practical for them at this time. When before our concern when buying a car was speed and looks, now it is comfort and practicality. Becoming parents has really changed our outlooks!

Jul 7, 2010

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is:
1. Busuanga to Manila airfare at P399 only! October trip is a Go!
2. one week to go before the Boracay grand family vacation.
3. having rooms in Boracay paid and confirmed.
4. meeting my daily exercise target
5. not gaining weight despite the weekend binges, he he!
6. no available writing opps, which means I dont have to write anything. Blessing because I am too lazy this week.
7. my little girl cuddling me to sleep at night.
8. hearing my husband laugh out loud ove Papa Jack
9. my mother getting her much needed rest
10. my new pedicure!

Check out where this meme came from here.

Jul 5, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday: Quiapo

One thing I like about Quiapo is the many things you can buy at very cheap prices. These bags here sell for about US$3. Of course, quality is another matter altogether.

We in Quaipo before the start of school to to buy some school supplies. Notebooks are at 10 pesos only, compared to 28 pesos in malls. So I would rather brave the heat and the jostling for the savings.

Jul 1, 2010

Litratong Pinoy: Teknolohiya

Heto po ang aking mga "tools of the trade"ika nga, sa blogging. Dati po ay wala akong alam sa mga ganitong teknolohiya. Typing nga sa typewriter ang pinaka favorite ko na i-cutting classes nuong nasa kolehiyo pa ako e. Yun pala e, yayakapin ko din ang mga teknolohiyang ito!

Tsek nyo pa ang ibang lahok sa LP ngayong Huwebes na ito at tiyak na mamangha kayo!


My former office mates are organizing a reunion and I am not sure if I want to attend. I used to work at the marketing department of an ice cream subsidiary of a big consumer goods company and I am sure it would be good to catch up with them. I know there will be shop talk, and I am sure to pick up some tips on online marketing as some of them has already moved on to bigger and brighter careers. My only problem is I am not sure if my friends will attend too! The bosses will be there and I am not sure I will be comfortable at all. Yes, I am afraid I wont have people to talk to if the reunion is too big. If it will be just a small gathering, I wont hesitate at all and will attend. Too bad I am not really good at small talk and might just end up boring these people.  If only my friends are not on a trip on that date then we will surely have a blast!  But then again, I can still look forward to some more reunions this year as we are planning our college class get-together.  Thanks to Facebook, we have constant communication with college friends except for a few.