Aug 17, 2010

Museo de Loboc in Bohol

This is an offshoot of my series of posts on the Churches of Bohol. The Museo de Loboc is attached to the Loboc church. According to one website, the museum used to be a convent. It looks old and in a state of disrepair from afar and especially up close.
This is yours truly at the entrance to the museum.

There are old religious artifacts in the museum and my husband, a former altar boy was fascinated. Here he is with the bell.

I don't know what these are but they look creepy to me!

Some more of the church artifacts. There are also old clothes of religious statues in the museum, an old Latin bible and some more things to interest my altar boy husband.

This is yours truly at the museum. The room is airy and the hall is quite large.

I am sure the museum looks very beautiful when it was new. Just look at the details of the wall.

And this is yours truly with my back at that infamous road to nowhere. That is a bridge that was constructed without much planning nor thinking! The century-old church would have to be destroyed just to give way to that white elephant!

Oh, and I forgot to post this picture of the bell tower of the Loboc Church. Yes, its across the street from the church. Its said to be leaning because of the debris from the construction of the bridge but I will let you decide from this picture.

Next post on my Churches of Bohol series will be Albur Church.

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