Sep 30, 2010

Mooncake Festival

We had a mooncake game last September 20, hosted by one of our Chinese bosses and it was so much fun! I wont post the pictures of the people who played the game, but take my word for it that we were all laughing so hard and all waiting to win the biggest mooncake!

Those are my hands, hoping to get lucky with the dice.

I am not sure about the beliefs about the celebration of moon cake festival and the game but I am sure it has something to do with luck. And when you are alive, playing with friends, laughing and winning good food, then indeed, luck is with you!

Oh, and a hidden Mickey!

Sep 29, 2010

Watery Wednesday: Batangas

I was born in Batangas and though not raised there, I am a Batanguena at heart. This photo was taken at Laiya in Batangas in 2007. This stretch of that beach is beautiful and peaceful.

Justify FullThis is also is a marine sanctuary so snorkeling can be enjoyed here too!

Sep 28, 2010

Stop & Shop, Sta Mesa Manila

I have always been interested on where places and streets get their names. When I saw this old signage in Stop N Shop in Sta, Mesa Manila I wondered, was the place named after this or was this named after the place. The building is not new; it was already there way back when I was in college 16 years ago.

Hmm, and look at the establishments in this building. They will surely make you stop and shop?

Sep 27, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday: Panglao

This was in Panglao Island Nature Resort in Bohol, taken June 2009 when my husband and I went there for the second time. The first time was with the family and we stayed at Bohol Beach Resort in Alona Beach.

Panglao Island Nature Resort is very beautiful but is not very budget friendly. We only went there for a day tour, and the P450.00 consumable entrance fee is good for lunch only.

Sep 23, 2010

Litratong Pinoy: Makapal

Pauwi na kami galing Bohol at talaga namang natuwa na ng sobra sa aming pamamasyal at mga bagong narating, pero ang makapal na ulap na ito na nagbabadya ng magandang panahon ay dagdag na aliw sa aming masayang biyahe.
Parang dagat ng makakappal na ulap ang natanaw namin mula sa bintana ng eroplano.

Paalam Bohol, babalik kami!

Sep 21, 2010

Do What You Can

I don't know if my husband believes President Roosevelt when he said, "do what you can, with what you have, where you are." But looking at the picture, you can be sure that he does. He used scrap wood left-over from his sister's house to design a home entertainment system! I say perfect decor! This is our house in Montalban, which was flooded by Ondoy last year. We are slowly building it again and we were there last weekend to apply some first coating of paint. The house is in no way ready for display, but we love it fiercely because its our own and the product of our sweat and tears, ha ha!

I just love what my husband did and although its not sturdy and is actually due for a re-design, I love how he tries very hard to make do with what we have. I am not one to complain and we are teaching the kids the same. They also love what their father did and while it was not perfect, it is perfect in our eyes! But yes, we are sure to buy a new entertainment system once we are ready to move in the house. In the meantime, we will try not to bump it lest our TV and sound system falls.

Palawan Trip

We are off to visit Palawan in less than three weeks but I can't muster enough excitement! The truth is, I have no more travel fund and I am seriously thinking if getting those Payday Loans No Credit Check is the answer. Since only my husband and myself and some friends are traveling on a budget, we need not prepare as much money as we did when we went to Boracay last July. But still, since we just paid for our Cebu tickets for next year, I am really a little low on the budget. I also just paid our hotel accommodation for December. Ha ha, I know its all my fault for booking all of these trips and hotels but who can resist such good deals? Anyway, I hope to en cash some money from my Paypal account to cover this trip. I just hope that my husband can save some too, since he just bought paint supplies for our dream house project last weekend.

But just look at the picture above and tell me that you wont try and make this trip happen? That looks like heaven on earth! I really love exploring the Philipines and I hope to visit more places in the country before I turn 35!

Sep 20, 2010

My Own Business Cards

I was on an artistic mood last week and I tried designing my own business card. My old one has my name and the blog's name but not the URL so it is definitely due for a redesign. I want to put the blog's header on the business card as well. I know, why didn't I order the business cards when I changed my blog design, right? Well, my only excuse was that I was not in the mood. So the time is now. Seriously, the reason why I was not getting new cards was simply because I was not that busy attending blogging events anyway. The last time I attended one was during Nuffnang's Shopaholic event. After that, I was too busy at work and motherhood to attend much events anyway. But this has got to change so I am hoping that having new business cards will help me become active online and offline in promoting my blog. There is nothing like new business cards to boost my blog's popularity, I hope! Anyway, I need be attending a blogging event to promote my blog. I will just give it to friends so they can visit my place in this world wide web!

Mellow Yellow Monday: Pizza


This was the food feast we had last week to celebrate Vangie's birthday as a treat from the boss. We had two large pizzas, a bottle of coke, potato wedges and crispy chicken wings. This was a definite calorie fest, but who cares? Its pizza!

And free food, ha ha!

Sep 17, 2010

Sep 16, 2010

Urban Farming in Barangay Santol

How would you feel when you see this,
turned into this?
I felt so proud of my ka-Barangay for thsi wonderful, wonderful effort! I salute Tribu Santol for this wonderful idea and our Barangay Captain and the owners of this house for supporting this cause!

I hope our Kabataang Barangay would pick up this effort and not just stop at having basketball leagues as their project. This is a very good advocacy and we need more projects like this in the city.

This reminds me as well of the greening project of President Marcos before. Well, as long as the idea is great, never mind if the person behind it isnt.

Sep 14, 2010

Glee Marathon

I am a Gleek! I am so addicted I have to have my Glee fix daily. But since I have work, this has become a problem. I am sometimes too tired to watch at home so I wish I could get my Glee fix during lunch time at the office. When my other Gleek friends told me to watch TV Online, I was so happy! Now, I need not wait to get home to watch my favorite TV show. Unfortunately for me, my husband is not a fan. He does not hate it, but he just doesn't share my enthusiasm. But I guess he is thawing because when we were in my friends house last weekend and she was wearing a Gleek t-shirt, my husband said I should get one for myself. And when the conversation turned to Glee, he was not rolling his eyes to the ceiling as I suspected he would. My friends husband also watch Glee so I guess my husband wont think of himself too much of a loser if he watches with me. Now, I am scheduling a Glee marathon at home this weekend and I will be happy to introduce my family to the wonderful world of losers, oh, I mean Glee! Ha ha!

Plaques and Awards

My sister who is in college was asking me this morning where to find a good plaque maker. They were working on a surprise for this favorite high school teacher of theirs. I remember when we were in college and we invited this professor to give a lecture to our class as one of our requirements. He gave a very enjoyable talk and although we exceeded the time, the class was very well into the discussion and nobody got bored. Our speaker received a resounding applause from the students and he was overwhelmed by the warm reception. He was more touched when we gave him a special token of appreciation, one that we were sure would stand out from his collection of many Plaques and Awards. The token we gave him was a plaque engraved with something akin to Olympic torch. It was among the many Award Plaques that we think suited his personality best as a wonderful professor: a beacon of light to us students. His talk was so rousing that we know that we were right in choosing him to speak about hope and our future. The plaques that he would continue to receive for all of his efforts in enriching the minds of students will always be a reminder of his worth as a teacher.

Sep 9, 2010

Critters Galore

Do you know what these critters are called? We just know them as "Komang" and the kids were making them race each other. We bought them from a street vendor who was also selling balloons, colored chicks and pabunot during Eat Bulaga's Juan for All game in our barangay. There was a fiesta atmosphere so there were vendors who are usually just present during fiesta's.Justify FullThe kids were not afraid of holding them and they really had fun playing with them. After the race, they just placed the critters in our garden. They were gone the following day. Do you know what they are called?

End of the World

After watching that doomsday movie 2012, I cannot bear to look outside the windows of my office building. We are located at the top floor of the tallest building here in Ortigas Center and I can see the almost the whole city from here. On a good day, I can even see the mountains of Sierra Madre and Bataan. I can also see the Manila Bay and its beautiful sunset. But after watching the film, I can almost see the land and the building below being eaten up by the water! I scare myself some more and imagine a big tidal wave coming right at me while I am standing so close to the window! I know that I am just scaring myself and those doomsday movies are really just a product of a writer's vivid imagination but I can't help it. What if Mother Nature is really angry at us for not taking care of her and is now doing self-preservation? There are companies like that could help us recycle industrial wastes and we should all do our individual share in taking care of the planet. Every little thing count and we really must get our act together to prevent an early end of the world.

Sep 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Vangie!

Tomorrow is the birthday of my dear friend, Vangie. She will turn a year older, a year wiser and a year nicer! She is really a very nice person. She is always ready to give you some advice, most especially on relationships. And that was even before she had a boyfriend! For her birthday, we will give her the book set of her latest favorite, Twilight. After the movie was shown last July, she read the books and told me that they would be part of her wish list. I wish I was able to get her some twilight gadgets that will go nicely with the book but I haven't got the time to shop anymore. She wants the book for Christmas but it came early this year and I hope she would love them. We will also have a small lunch celebration for her tomorrow. We are planning it a surprise so I hope she doesn't see this entry until after our lunch. I think she is also planning to serve us some snacks and since I wont be able to exercise during lunch tomorrow, I better skip dinner tonight to make room for all those food. I really love birthdays!

Are Your Kids Safe?

Who can resist such a beautiful baby? The cute child pictured above is my niece, Reigne and she is just 5 months old . My own daughter is already six years old and I still I cant imagine her getting hurt, more so this baby. So I told my sister in law to make sure that her house is kid-friendly. Reigne is now learning to crawl so she has to install some baby gates. I told her to check out and choose from these child safety gates to make sure that what happened to my eldest son, who fell down the stairs wont happen to her baby. My cousin who was then taking care of my baby had to go down the stairs to check something out and she thought my baby was asleep. My son woke up and crawled to the stairs and fell! That broke my heart and I nearly died when I saw the cuts on his face. If I had known KidCo gates or any baby gates then, that would have never happened to him! He still have the scars to remind me of that fateful day. So as one who have learned paifully from experience, I strongly recommend using pressure gates, pet gates, stairway gates or even extra wide baby gates for your kid's safety. You can never be too sure when it comes to safety. My sister in law now checks and she now regularly follow their updates on Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, and the KidSafe Blog. I would rather that she see me as meddling, know-it all sister in law, than allow her and her daughter to experience what my son went through. Better safe than sorry!

My Sense of Smell

I have shared in this blog sometime ago that I have no more sense of smell. I had a Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery some years back to clear my sinuses and my sense of smell has been affected since. I recently consulted an ENT to see what could be done and I was relieved when he said that we should try some medications. After only two weeks of treatment, I can smell already because the polyp has shrunk. I was delighted and I found myself suddenly interested in Demeter Fragrance Library. I figured it would make sense for me now to check out fragrances because I can already smell them! But after my last check up last week when the doctor cleared me of my medications save for the nasal spray, I can again only smell sparingly! I can smell coffee only when I put in under my nose! That is still an improvement from before when I cant really smell anything but it was so different from last week! Last week, I can already smell coffee in the room and I have already regained my confidence in cooking. I am not sure if I should come back again to the doctor or wait until after I am finished with the nasal spray. He said to come back if I have any complaints but I am not sure if I should wait or not! Wah, I want my sense of smell back again!

Is Your Car Insured?

My friend was issued a company just two months ago. Unfortunately, her car met with an accident while it was park at a mall just last week. Its a good thing that the car was covered with a comprehensive insurance from the company. Of course, there is a participation fee which is very minimal but can you imagine the expense if there was no insurance? I hope to buy a car this December once I get my hands on my bonus and these early, I am checking out Car Insurance Los Angeles to see if there is one near my area. I believe it is prudent to include the cost of car insurance when buying even a second-hand unit. You can never really be sure when you might be involved in an accident and its really better to have this kind of protection. When we had our old car last year and we were hit by a taxi, we have no insurance then. The taxi driver only paid us some money which was not enough to cover the expenses. So now, I know better and I am aware of the importance of car insurance and will be sure to have that area covered.

Wall Clocks for My House!

I have special thing for wall clocks because they remind me of my grandmother's house where I grew up. She has this big wooden wall clock shaped like a horseshoe and was the biggest thing that I ever saw as a kid. Even now, I don't think I have ever seen a wall clock as big as that one. Other than the size, the wall clock was the main focal point of the living room and has been a witness to many important family occasions and gatherings. We cannot imagine her house without remembering that wall clock. But for my house, I want something modern that looks like an antique. I already saw that wall clock at a party I once attended and I know that I want exactly that. It will fit the color motif of my house and will be the main decoration in the living room. I asked my friend where the clock was bought but was informed it was a gift and they have no idea where. So I guess the hunt for that elusive wall clock is on! I want that clock to be a witness to my own family life and to be a part of the house where my family will grow. It will tell us that it is time to enjoy life and more!

Internet Speed

There are internet providers and there are satellite internet service providers. But the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so to speak. So in the case of internet providers, it is the the speed that matters. Unfortunately, that is the test that our local internet providers have to pass. There are no satisfactory internet providers now, when it comes to speed and price, be it dial up or broadband. I was once a user a new broadband provider but I had it disconnected after only two months because of the speed. And the technical team sent to my house had to gall to tell me that the poor connectivity was because there were many users! I had to resist from hitting him in the head with that stupid answer. I mean, if their capacity cannot handle all those users, then why do I have to pay them for the inadequate service, right? I cannot wait for a specific time for me to use the internet when I am paying for it 24/7! I know that other providers have the same problem as me and that we are all hoping that something can de done about it. I can only marvel at my friend's stories when they tell me how fast internet connection is abroad. I hoep that time will come for us soon!

Exercise After Giving Birth

My friend gave birth two months ago and she wants to go back to the gym to lose some post-pregnancy weight. But she laments that going back to exercising is not that easy after a year of hiatus. She has excuse after excuse, ranging from, she forgot her shorts to she forgot her shampoo! While walking at the mall, she was given fitness business cards and she decided check it out. She has since enrolled in some classes and is now happily enjoying her exercise regimen. She is in this class with women like herself who has just given birth. She is very happy because she feels no pressure anymore. Of course, the pressure she was feeling was coming from herself and her desire to lose weight as soon as possible. But being around women with her own experience, she is able to see herself in the eyes of another and realize that it is okay to take her time. That is one good motivation in going back to exercise at her own pace. I wish I can have the same motivation in the gym I am currently visiting. Unfortunately, my gym buddies at the office are either buff guys or old people, ha ha!

Sep 6, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday: Swimming

More Mellow Yellow Monday swimming pictures of my son, Danniel at Bosay Resort in Antipolo City.

Sep 3, 2010

Friday Quotes: Life

This was a photo taken by my husband's nephew, JR. I told him he has a great eye for capturing beautiful images!

Decorating the Bedroom

I was just in the mall this afternoon and I fell in love with some Bedroom Sets I set my eyes on. There was particularly this bed bunk with pull-out that I really, really want to buy. I need to decide on a furniture for our small bedroom where all five of us will sleep so that bunk bed with pull out will be perfect for us. My eldest son will sleep at the top bunk, my husband and myself on the lower bunk and my two younger kids on the pull out bunk. Of course, I took the measurement and have to check at home to see if it will fit in the space but I really hope so because I really think its perfect. It is not easy decorating a small bedroom for five people. I still have to decide whether to buy some cabinets or maybe just have some built in the room. Of course, built in cabinets would be my first choice if I can find a good carpenter but I don't know anybody who fits the description. So in the meantime, I will just take pictures of good furniture and maybe have the carpenter do them for me in the future.

Sep 2, 2010

Welcoming the Ber Months!

Yesterday was the first day of the Christmas season in the Philippines and today, its just 114 days away! The whole day, you can already Christmas carols playing on the airwaves, and even on some people's ring tones! But I am actually more excited about Halloween. My kids usually have Halloween parties in school and I get to make or prepare their costume. This was a little tricky for my picky son Danniel who would only agree to don on a cape and he is a vampire. He wont wear those vampire teeth nor fake blood so his costume is always a little blah. I would have loved to get him those Special Effects Contacts to make him more look like a vampire but of course he wont wear them. My eldest son is torn between being a child and a tween at 13 so you can be sure his costume would be along the anime looks. My little girl would love to dress up as witch or as a fairy and I already bought her the hat and wings for any of those two. I am really excited that the holiday season is just almost around the corner. I cant wait to dress up my kids for their Halloween party and I hope I can join a themed party for bloggers too!

Sep 1, 2010

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

I am happy its Wednesday because its just 2 days to go before the weekend ;-) But here are more reasons I am thankful:
1. For getting my sense of smell back!
2. I can now again cook delicious meals owing to #1.
3. My doctor smells nice, ha ha ha!
4. My husband, Noel for being a very game and capable handyman for making the table and chair and spray painting the ref.
5. My mother for always preparing delicious food.
6. My sister Kris for always being responsible.
7. Buffet lunch with friends!
8. Coffee, coffee and coffee! The smell alone is delicious!
9. Online opportunities and contests that I have yet to win, but soon, I know it!
10. For being alive.
I know that there are a lot more reasons to be thankful for and I am just so happy that I am alive and able to get a lot out of life!
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