Oct 5, 2010

The Churches of Bohol: Dauis Church

This is the Dauis Church in Bohol. This is a continuation of my blog posts on the Churches of Bohol. I have already posted about Maribojoc Church, Loay Church, Loboc Church and the Loboc Museum. These pictures were taken in December 2008 and June 2009. So anyway, I will not try to give you any history of the church because what I know, I just read also. I love going to these churches because I love old churches. Its very different from cold, new ones and you feel as if you are part of history and of a secret of how this wonderful old church is still standing! I will just try and share some pictures here. For a comprehensive narrative on the history of the church, please check out this site. According to the marker, the church is an example of neo-classic and neo-gothic architecture. It is also a Shrine of Our Lady of Assumption. This is the church's altar.And here is the entrance to the church. There was a wedding when we were there so we weren't able to get nearer pictures of the altar.
Look at the design of the high ceiling of the church and marvel at the details!
At the foot of the altar is the miraculous well, where the water is known for its healing powers. We brought home some water after buying bottles at the near church complex, one we placed at our altar, and the other we gave to my mother-in-law to drink. The water tastes very fresh!
There was a line of people asking for water. It is free, but you can of course give donation to the church and those maintaining the well.

Here is a view of the side and back of the church.
The view at the back of the church is very, very beautiful and peaceful and will be posted on my next post about the Dauis Church Complex.

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