Oct 12, 2010

Dauis Church Complex

This is another offshoot of the posts I am doing on the Churches of Bohol, particularly of Dauis Church, the Dauis Church Complex. Loboc Church is another one that has a museum to boast of. But I think I prefer the Dauis Church Complex because other than the museum, the complex has this giant acacia tree that is perfect for an evening party.

Below is the gian acacia tree. I first read about this in Market Manila's blog. It is really prefect as a party venue because the scenery is just divine!

This is the breath taking view. My husband and I took a rest under those trees and just marvel at the beauty of this place. Even if you are not inside the church, you feel closer to God because of the beauty of His creation!
Inside the museum are various murals on the history of Dauis and of the church. At the top floor of the museum, they also have the ceiling painted like that of the church. There are also handicrafts items for sale, like these jewelries and accessories.
We just love this home decor and my husband even posed one. Well, we were on a budget trip so we really couldnt buy this, he he.
And this is a view of the church from the museum. I really love this place!

I wish I could go back to Bohol and visit this church again. It is really peaceful inside the church and even within the complex. I love how the people are working to preserve and beautify this place so tourists like us can have a better appreciation of their church.

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