Nov 25, 2010

I hate this taxi driver!

What was a happy occasion almost ended up being too stressful for me last Tuesday when the driver of this taxi refused to drive us home saying there were too many of us! We were at SM Centerpoint for dinner and when it was our turn to ride the taxi, the driver counted us and refused pointblank saying we will damage his chassis! There were only four of us: my mom and sister and me and my son! I ended up shouting at him that he should be driving a truck and told the guard and everybody in the queue in a very load voice to not ride his taxi. I was waiting for one person to move and I was ready to unleash my fury but no one did so the driver was forced to move without a passenger!
Our house was just a few turns after Araneta Ave. and he could be right back at the SM taxi queue in 15 mins had he driven us home. I do not know his problem and was just pissed for his unjustified refusal. Oh well, when you see this taxi, just tell the driver I said hi!

Nov 24, 2010

Watery Wednesday: Dolphin Watching, Balicasag Island, Bohol

This was taken last December 2008 when we had our family vacation in Tagbiliran City in Bohol. We spent the whole morning trying to get a glimpse of dolphins in their natural habitat. We did saw them of course, but it was very hard trying to catch them on camera so I just pointed my camera at the beautiful sunrise and the other dolphin watchers like us.

Wish we could do this again as a family next year!

Nov 23, 2010

Justice for the Victims of the Maguindanao Massacre!

I am a mother of three kids and a sister to one student of Journalism. I am calling all of you to remember the deaths of 57 victims and the culture of impunity which have allowed this atrocity to happen. I call on you to remember and to cry out for justice so that their deaths will not be in vain. Let us be more vigilant and unforgiving of these crimes. Let us all shout for justice for the victims of the Maguindanao Massacre and to include them and their families in prayer.

Nov 22, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday: Cebu Pacific


This is my husband taking a pose near the plane of our favorite airline, Cebu Pacific. Almost all of our trips were flown with Cebu and so we are really great fans of their seat sale and their service. A little disclosure, I work at the company that owns Cebu Pacific, so this is also a shameless plugging! But still, I pay for their service and I enjoy my trips so I really am okay with letting everybody know that I love Cebu Pacific!

Enjoy your Mellow Yellow Monday!

Nov 19, 2010

Friday Quotes: Friendship

Building My Dream House

Some of you may know that I am paying for a house in Montalban Rizal for more than 5 years now. We were supposed to move there last year but due to some reasons like schooling and stuff, we postponed. It was really a blessing in disguise that we did not move in last year because Typhoon Ondoy happened and our subdivision was one of those most seriously affected. So now, we are on house improvement again and hopefully will be able to finally move in next year. Its a good thing I was able to discover this website, during construction and have instructed the carpenter not to use them in my house. I dont think I can handle another set back. After a natural calamity, I hope that man-made negligence will not prevent us from finally living in our very own home. The kitchen and the bathroom are being tiled this week and the rest of the house will be finished by next week. I love how the pink tiles we chose turned out. We have already spent our Christmas bonus on this project and we are so excited at how it will turn out completely. I feel like a mother happily expecting her new child!

Nov 18, 2010

Litratong Pinoy: Lapot

Ang mainit na Tsokolate, mas malapot, mas masarap! Kuha ito sa Tagaytay nuong isang taon ng magpunta kami ruon para sa Planning. Dahil malamig, ang sarap talaga ng mainit na tsokolate. Sa halagang P90, sulit na sulit dahil talagang masarap.


Nov 17, 2010

How Much of the Philippines Have You Visited?

My Grade is C-! I plan to travel more in the Philippines next year to get a better grade. I have tickets to Puerto Pricesa in February, Cagayan de Oro in March and Cebu in August. Hope to get an A+ soon!

My Lakbayan grade is C-!

How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out at Lakbayan!

Created by Eugene Villar.

Watery Wednesday: Subic, Olongapo City

This was taken in Subic, Olongapo City last year when my daughter had her educational trip. The place was beautiful, albeit too hot for a dip!

In the afternoon, we had fun watching the dolphins do their tricks although it was difficult catching them with my point and shoot camera!

Check out more Watery Wednesday pictures here.

Nov 15, 2010

What Will You Buy With Your 13th Month Pay?

Its that time of the year again when employees are most happy because of the extra money that they will receive. Some are luckier than most because they get a 13th, a 14th and even up to 16th month pay. Me, I only receive a 13th month pay and I am thinking very hard on how I will spend it. Here are some of my ideas:
1. Buy tiles for the house in Montalban
2. Pay for labor on No. 1
3. Buy some stocks and open an online trading account, and finally learn to buy and sell stocks!
4. Furnish the house and choose one from many beautiful howard miller grandfather clocks,
5. Open a time deposit account.
6. Subscribe to a new internet provider and increase income on paid posts!
7. Get mom a new set of dentures to make her smile wider!
8. Get my sister a new phone.
9. Upgrade the home PC.
10. Buy new sofas.

I tried to balance the "buy" with the save portions and the need against the wants and I hope I will be successful. I want to save some money but also to give my family some comfort and joy. I hope this is wise spending!

Mellow Yellow Monday: Dying Tree


What do you call this tree? Its a Dying Tree! Of course, we were only joking! This was the only tree with yellow leaves in this whole part of Banana Island in Coron, Palawan.

Nov 11, 2010

Eleven Things To Do in 2011

Taken at Mt. tapyas in Coron, Palawan.

Its not too early to think of things we will do in the coming year. While New Year's resolutions are made to be broken, its always fun to try and (I might even succeed!) in doing it. This is my unofficial New Year's resolution: eleven things to do (or wish to do) in 2011, just for myself.

1. Save for an out of the country trip mid-year. Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia and Singapore here I come! My passport is begging to be stamped!
2. Buy Life Insurance or a funeral plan. This is me being realistic. We will all die, really!
3. Learn a new language or a new skill, like cross stitch. I have a pattern that is needs to be finished some time in the next 5 years.
4. Pursue MBA or ask if I can still continue the ones I started eight years ago. I hope I can finally have the courage to go and visit the Dean's office.
5. Get a new hairstyle. A different one from what I have been sporting for the last 5 years.
6. Learn to swim.
7. Read the bible daily.
8. Buy a car or learn to drive, whichever comes first.
9. Get a tattoo.
10. Buy a new laptop.
11. Fall in love with my husband all over again.

456th Post!

This entry is my 456th post in my blogger account and I am thinking of website hosting as I write this. 456 is a random number and have no special meaning other than making me realize that I have been blogging for far too long now. And that I should be getting my own web host. My first post was about ukay-ukay, or pre-loved stuff like clothes and bags and where I sometimes buy them and how I want to share those great finds by writing about it. Since then, this blog has been about a lot of things like my travels, my life, my family and just anything that I can think to write: a hodge podge or a motley collection of just about anything that I can think to share. I know some people think that those of us who blog has a compulsion to share everything that is happening to us, and I have to agree. But in my case, I only share things that I think a reader would at least have a use for. The hits in this blog are from searches on Aling Dionisia Pacquiao, some resorts we visited and some pictures that I took. Now I am thinking for how long will I be able to maintain this blog and until when will I have the appetite to write? Hmm, I am not really sure but since I enjoy doing this, and I earn a little from it, then I might as well go on to write up to my 1000th post and then some!

Litratong Pinoy: Likido

Ang pinakamasarap na likido sa lahat, ang tubig. Napakasarap kapag ganito siya kalamig habang mainit ang panahon.
Pero kung malamig, siguro ay mas masarap ang mga likidong ito!
Basta wag magmamaneho! At baka maaksidente at ibang likido ang dumaloy: ang dugo!

Nov 10, 2010

Watery Wednesday: Bulog Island, Coron Palawan

One of the most beautiful islands I have ever seen in my whole life! The place looks wonderful in this picture, but I know I didn't do it justice. You have to see it for yourself to appreciate the breathtaking view!My husband, basking in the sun and the beauty of nature.

Nov 9, 2010

I Married a Monster!

I married a monster! Look!
And here he is from another angle!
Run, run for your lives!

Nov 8, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday: Kalye Juan


Let us start the Monday right with great company and glorious mellow yellow food! These pictures were taken last week in celebration of Karen's birthday at Kalye Juan. Look at the spread of good food below!
The yummy pork binagoongan with atchara.
The delicious lumpiang sariwa!
The crackling crackers!
And the yummy calamares!
And although its not yellow, let us not forget the scrumptious sisig!
So lets all eat properly, great birthday celebrants a joyous day and enjoy our week with the best of Mondays!

Nov 3, 2010

Watery Wednesday: Maquinit Hot Spring, Coron, Palawan

This is the Maquinit Hot Spring in Coron, Palawan. It was a tricycle ride away from the town proper and we just rented one for P300 for six of us and asked the driver to wait. Entrance fee for non-resident adults was P100. The temperature at the hot spring ranges from 38 to 41 degrees centigrade and those with health conditions were advised (thru a rules and regulations billboard) to consult their doctors.
There were two pools, and above is the smaller, but hotter one. The temperature here was said to go up to 42 degrees.
This is the bigger pool and it flows right to the mangrove forest and into the ocean. When they said that it was a hot spring, be warned that they were not kidding! It was so hot we had to wait for some minutes before we can submerge our bodies little by little!
This was the magnificent view from the hot spring so direct from island hopping, your boat can bring you straight here. Just tell your boatman about it.
This is your truly posing by the mangrove forest.

And this was a much nicer view of the mangroves. There was a rainbow when we took this picture, but I guess we were not able to capture it!
Happy Watery Wednesday!

Nov 2, 2010

Falcon Crest Resort, Norzagaray Bulacan, A Review

My daughter and her pre-school class had an educational tour at Falcon Crest Resort in Norzagaray, Bulacan last October 2010 and here is my review. My daughter enjoyed her tour, simply because she is six years old, and a road trip with her mother and teachers and classmates is fun. Throw in a short swimming time and she is in field trip heaven. But me, I was not satisfied and felt that the venue was not worth our time and money. In fairness to the teachers, they did try to make it fun and educational and it was, but even though I know my daughter enjoyed herself, I still wish we went to another place. I feel that the venue is not very suitable for preschoolers like my daughter, especially if unsupervised.

This was the main hall where we did some games, rappelling, rope and rock climbing. It was not that high. Some kids tried it, some did not. But all the parents and teachers did.
They were very strict about safety and they did explain to the kids the importance of using proper attire and gadgets when climbing the wall and rappelling.
I cant remember the exact height but one or two kids made it to the top. But most kids just went up two or three rocks and then they would ask to be let down.Climbing this rope below was a bigger hit with the kids.
The safety helmets.
This was the outdoor rappelling platform that we did not use, thank God! It looks old and ready to fall :(

This was the zip line. The kids were afraid at first, but soon found it to be exhilarating. My daughter cried when it was her turn but was raring to go again after.

This was the winding way down to the zip line.
This was the view from the resort and its very nice.

This was a game that the kids did not enjoy much because we trekked a long way from the zip line to this part of the resort. And even the parents were tired already even when it was only 11am. Well, we had to wake up very early.
This is an age-appropriate game that the kids played after lunch and before swimming at the pool. The parents solved it! ha ha!

These are just some of the cottages at the pool and they have obviously seen better days!

The pool was okay because there was a kiddie pool and the other side was not that deep as well.

These are the reasons why I liked Falcon Crest Resort:
1. The staff in charge of rock climbing and rappelling and zip line were very concerned about safety and were very patient with the kids and they knew their stuff.
2. The pool was okay.
3. The view was great.

But here are the reasons why I would not recommend this resort:
1. Not much to do.
2. Resort does not look very well maintained and some areas looks very neglected.
3. Serving staff were not in uniform or even decent attire. The crew serving our lunch was in sando! There were crew sleeping at the next floor of the main hall while we were having our team building. There were ladies loitering at the hall as well and two girls folding clothes near the entrance!

I can't think of other reasons why I like or dislike this place but there is really an aura of neglect in this place, like it has seen better days and is now just struggling to survive. I just hope that they do better next time there are kids around!