Dec 30, 2010

Litratong Pinoy: Lugar

Nitong taong 2010 ay biniyayaan kami ng mga pagkakataon na makabisita sa dalawa sa magagandang lugar sa Pilipinas. Nitong nakaraang Hulyo, buong pamilya kaming nakabiyahe at nakapagsaya sa napakagandang lugar ng Boracay. Kasama namin ang aming mga ina, ang aking kapatid at ang buong pamilya. Ilang beses na rin akong nakapunta ng Boracay, pero mas naging pinakamasaya ang dalaw ko sa lugar na ito ngayong taon dahil buong pamilya ito. Sadyang kakaiba ang ganda ng lugar na ito!
Kita naman marahil sa aming mga kuha ang ang tuwa at saya na magkakasamang namamasyal sa mala-paraisong isla ng Boracay!
Isa pang lugar na ako ay pinalad na mapuntahan ngayong taon ay ang isla ng Coron sa Palawan. Talagang napakaganda ng lugar na ito at sadyang aking ipinagmamalaki na ako ay Pilipino at ang lugar na ito ay nasa aking mahal na bansang Pilipinas.
Isa sa aking mga nais na gawin sa susunod na taon ay mabisita pa ang ibang magagandang lugar sa Pilipinas. Sa totoo nya, nakalinya na nga ang aking mga biyahe: Puerto Princesa sa Pebrero, Cagayan de Oro sa Marso at Cebu sa Agosto. Bagamat isa sa aking mga pangarap ay makabisita rin ng mga lugar sa Asya bago ako mag-35, hindi ko naman ikalulungkot na hindi ko ito magawa dahil nakakabiyahe naman ako sa mga magagandang lugar sa Pilipinas! Sana ay marating din ng iba pang mga Pilipino ang mga sadyang napakagagandang lugar dito sa atin!

Dec 29, 2010

Watery Wednesday: Sinigang

After eating lots of meat and sweets during the Christmas feasts and parties, we decided to give our stomach a respite and cook these wonderful Sinigang for dinner the other day. We had 16 guests for a post-Christmas lunch and we asked them to stay for dinner. Since we already served meat with sauce earlier for lunch, we decided to serve them this Sinigang and it was a verifiable hit! Nothing like a home-cooked meal to satisfy family and friends!
This looks wonderful on the eyes too, right? Happy Watery Wednesday, everyone!

Dec 28, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday: Merry Christmas!


This is a late Mellow Yellow Monday post, and a late Christmas greeting as well! From my family to yours, have a Merry Christmas everyone!

Have a safe and hopeful New Year!

Dec 22, 2010

Watery Wednesday: Stormy Waters of Coron

It was rainy season when we were in Coron last October and our island hopping was between rainy and sunny weather. One moment we were on the boat, lathering our selves with sunblock and the next moment we were soaked with rain water! It was fun and did not stop us from enjoying Coron! Just look at these pictures below just before our boat was drenched in rain!

I really love Palawan!

Dec 21, 2010

New Year, New Business

This coming year, I am thinking of a new business. I know for a fact that as an employee with a fixed income, I really cannot expect to get rich. Especially because I have fixed expenses and the kids are growing up and there a million things to pay and buy. I am thinking of setting up a Filipino food restaurant because my mother loves to cook and she has perfected her recipe for pork barbecue. I already have a store name and I am thinking of getting the help of Logo Designers to make it catchier and easier to remember. The restaurant will cater to the masses, as our target location is near a tricycle and jeepney station. I am sure that the business will have a captured market because Filipinos love food and we love eating. I just hope that our target location is still available next year as I cannot make a final decision because of a lot of things. I just wish that the New Year will usher a new hope for me and my new business. I hope that my mother will be strong enough this year to take on the challenge of making this business work!

Dec 20, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday: Star


Have a Mellow Yellow Monday everyone! Its just 5 days before the big day!

Wishlist # 3: Family Holiday

More than any gift, what I really want for Christmas is for my family to be together and happy. I know that we are lucky than most families because we are with each other during this wonderful occasion because my husband and I both work here and not abroad. As a wish, it has been granted already and I am very thankful for that. But still, I want our time together to be extra special this Christmas and since they are on vacation from school, a short breakis in order. I want a weekend get-away for my family! Maybe an overnight stay at a hotel or at a resort nearby. I am sure my kids will especially enjoy it. Since we are a little short on the budget because of the house that we just built (and is still building!), we can just pack our Christmas food and eat it at the resort. My kids are raised not to expect extravagant gifts, but rather to appreciate being together and being loved. I know that this gift is something that we will all enjoy and cherish. I am happy that my kids are not raised to expect extravagant gifts and I am sure that they will love this!

Dec 15, 2010

Watery Wednesday: Banana Island, Coron Palawan

I really love our island tour around Coron and we spent our day here at Banana Island. Just look how pretty it was!

Love to be back in Coron!

Dec 13, 2010

25 Things To Do in the Philippines

I saw this via Quicker and I have to agree with Inquirer's 25 things to do in the Philippines. You see, I have been wanting to go out of the country before I turn 35 and we aim to do this second half of next year, thanks to Cebu Pacific seat sale. I also won a free round trip ticket to Beijing that I have to ticket by March next year. The only problem I have is that I need a visa to visit China. Now that my dream of going out of the country is within my reach, I am thinking twice and would really rather see the Philippines. Anyway, I think I am doing well on list below.

25 Things To Do in the Philippines
… before fantasizing about exploring other countries 1. Go white water rafting in Cagayan de Oro.
-We have a ticket for March next year and I am sure to do this!
2. Visit Batanes.
-This is also on my list. If only Cebu Pacific flies there!
3. See Mt. Mayon up close.
-I wish to visit Bicol soon!
4. Swim with the whale sharks in Donsol.
-Well, I cant swim and I hate to do so in vest near sharks. But to watch them in the safety of my boat, then will out that on my list!
5. Climb Mt. Pulag and be awed by its sea of clouds.
-Yes, why not! The only mountains I have climbed are the Taal crater in Tagaytay and Mt Tapyas in Coron (it has stairs, does that count?)
6. Dive, swim and explore Palawan’s underground river.
-We have a ticket for Puerto Princesa for February next year!
7. Hike and let the view of Mt. Pinatubo crater take your breath away.
-We want to do this in February, but scheduling problems are getting in our way.
8. Party in your bikini in Boracay.
-Been there, done that! (not in a bikini though!)
9. Surf’s up! Choose your wave—La Union, Zambales or Real, Quezon.
-I cant swim but I would love to try sand surfing, he he!
10. Missed out on the pristine beauty of Boracay 15 years ago? Visit Malapascua, Cebu.
-We have ticket to Cebu in August! whoooooo!
11. Dive and see the rich marine life of Anilao, Batangas.
-Been there, have not done that. Again, I cant swim! But I have waddled in the waters of countless Batangas beaches, being a Batangenya myself.
12. Travel back in time—go to Vigan.
-Done that and hope to do it again soon!
13. Let Bohol wow you with its many offerings—the Chocolate Hills, the tarsier, the Loboc River Cruise, old churches and the beach.
-Oh wow, done this twice and hope to do this again!
14. Go high! Drive to the Mountain Province of Sagada. Check out the caves, the hanging coffins and enjoy the laid back lifestyle.
-I hope to do this one day, soon and not when my weary bones cant take me anymore!
15. Grab a Viaje del Sol map, visit Ugu Binyan’s pottery studio, eat at Kusina Salud and unwind at Casa San Pablo.
-When I have a car and a budget, then I will do this. And I hope soon!
16. Spend an entire week up north. Take a road trip from Manila to Vigan, Ilocos, Cagayan Valley, Aparri and Isabela!
-My office mates are doing this route next February and I cant go with them, hu hu hu.
17. Try wakeboarding in Camsur.
-We have this on our March itinerary, yehey!
18. Check out Malate, Old Manila and all their secret spots.
-Ummm, will get back to you on that. Have to check with my husband ;-)
19. There are many reasons to love Davao. Kublai’s artworks, its proximity to the beach, the tasty pastil and juicy suha. And did I mention that it’s a smoke-free city?
-Soon I hope!
20. Spend a weekend roughing it in Anawangin and Capones in Zambales.
-Hope to do this on the same weekend we will conquer Mt. Pinatubo.
21. Check out our colorful fiestas and document them with your camera. Ati-atihan, Dinagyang, Masskara, Sinulog, Higantes, Panagbenga and more.
-I haven't seen any of these major fiestas ;-)
22. Pick your own strawberries at the Strawberry Fields in La Trinidad, Benguet.
-Was in Baguio in 2007, got lost and wasnt able to do this.
23. Go to Pampanga for sisig.
-Tried this during a work visit and it was fun!
24. If it’s too hot in Manila, grab a few friends and take a quick trip to Tagaytay.
-Wow, a favorite place. Did our planning here last year and all we did was eat. All we planned about was where to eat next. It was an unforgettable experience!
25. Enjoy a food trip in Iloilo. You’ll never go hungry in this city.
-I wish to visit this one day, just wait until I get my hands on more Cebu Pacific seat sale!

See, I love the Philippines and there are indeed a lot more places to visit here. I intend to do that and more!

Mellow Yellow Monday: Mang Inasal!


This is lunch for a Mellow Yellow Monday!

Yummm, with unlimited rice!

Dec 8, 2010

Christmas Gift Ideas

Its 17 days before Christmas and I have yet to buy gifts for my family and friends! I am so busy at work and we have just finished with the construction at our house. I am thinking of asking my kids to prepare a wish list to make it easier to buy their gifts. As for the rest of our inaanaks, I think I will buy educational books for a change. I have always given them toys and clothes and even money and for a person like me who love books, I think this is just perfect. The younger ones can be given coloring books and coloring materials, while the adults, self-help books and other inspirational stuff. For guys, there are always handkerchiefs, belts and coin purses or caps. I will be getting a belt and a wallet for my husband this year because they are in sore need of replacement. Of course, he also wants jeans and shirts and shoes but I will just ask him to buy it for himself! I wonder what he is getting for me this year. Maybe he will pay for my new rubber shoes because my old one got lost at the gym. Anyway, these are just some ideas and if you have a lot of time on your hands to shop, better hit those stores now to avoid the holiday rush!

A Family Affair

Taken before our family trip to Bohol in December 2008.
My husband and I will celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary this December 23. We have never made any special plans for our anniversary and this year is no different. I just booked us an overnight stay at Go Hotels when they had their promo and the kids will be coming with us. Of course, I also dream of spending our anniversary somewhere romantic. I wonder how much are villa rentals this time of year? I want to spend a day pampered like a queen at some fancy resort, staying at our own villa! Now, that is a dream that I hope would happen soon. But this year's wedding anniversary is going to be a family affair. There is an adjacent mall to the hotel and the kids will enjoy it there because they get to choose their Christmas gifts, we will eat out for dinner and they can play at the amusement park. I know I like this better for now because the kids are with us and its what we can afford at the moment. I hope soon when they are working and have families of their own, we can celebrate our wedding anniversary and start a family tradition.

Dec 6, 2010

Our First Christmas Tree

It has never been our tradition to put up a Christmas tree. We usually just hang a simple lantern and Christmas lights outside the house. This year is different because we bought our first Christmas tree. Its just 3 ft tall and has really simple decors. I especially love my purple Santa of course. I twirled the rice lights at the body of the tree so that the light will reflect in the twigs of the tree. But something else made this Christmas tree extra special!
It was decorated with love, and the people that looks at it are always reminded of the blessing of family. Our tree do not need anymore decoration. Our family and love for each other makes this Christmas tree the prettiest one of them all!
18 days to go and a happy Christmas to one and all!

Dec 2, 2010

The Churches of Bohol: Albur Church

This is a continuation of my series of posts on the Churches of Bohol. I have already made posts on Maribojoc Church, Loay Church, Loboc Church and Dauis Church. Offshoot posts on the Loboc Museum and Dauis Church Complex have been made too. This post is about Albur Church or also known as Albuquerque Church.Of all the churches in Bohol that I have visited, this looks the most forlorn and neglected. Of course, the church looks so beautiful from this angle. The architecture is also still something to behold until now. As with any church, you feel an aura of peace around it. For more historical background on Albur Church, please visit this site, as I can only give you my impressions during my visit.
This is the convent or what used to be a convent. The place was deserted when we were there. Just look at state of the tin roof and the windows.

Taken in the picture above is the driver of our habal-habal. The place looks beautiful at this angle.
This is the inside of the church. It was dark when we were there and the only light coming in were from the window. There were also scaffolding inside as the ceiling of the church was being patched with iron sheet. The picture below was edited as my camera's flash was not able to take a clearer picture. You can still see the iron sheet all over the ceiling.
The altar still looks majectic despite the deteriorating condition of the church.
This is another shot at the back of the church where there is a beautiful grotto.
These pictures were taken June last year. I hope that the condition of the church has improved since then. I know that were efforts by several foundations and the local government of Bohol to preserve the churches because I saw some posters about these at the Dauis Church Complex . I hope that they have done something about Albur Church already.

Dec 1, 2010

Watery Wednesday: Alona Beach, Bohol

This picture was taken last December 2008 when our whole family went to Tagbilaran City in Bohol for a 6-day vacation. The photo was taken after we landed back on Alona beach after our day tour at the Pamilacan Island for dolphin watching and snorkeling.
This year, we are slowly building our dream house so no more out of town trip this month.