Jan 31, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday: Delicious Yellow Dishes


These delicious, yellow dishes were among those served by my very good friend Rona during her husband's birthday last week. Together with Ehms and our husbands, we very much enjoyed the dinner!

This sumptuous dish is called Ensaladang Talong with Bagoong ( Eggplant Salad with Fish Paste). It consists of grilled eggplant, green mangoes, tomatoes, fish paste and onions. Great for grilled dishes!
This dish below is called Kalderetang Kambing (Goat Stew). It is basically goat's meat in tomato paste and potatoes. No, I didn't try it because I was already too full with the grilled dishes and the prawns and tuna sashimi!
Rodney, standing, is the birthday boy.
It is really fun catching up with friends over delicious food, good conversation and a bottle of wine! If it was not a work week, I am sure we would have stayed until the wee hours of the morning!

Jan 28, 2011

I Won P980,000,00!

No, I did not won the lottery nor did I receive financial assistance from long-lost rich relatives. I remembered siyetehan's post about winning a Starex when I received this text yesterday from +639486141247:

Congrat's Ur sim #won 980,000,00 from:BSP/PCF "Handog Pangkabuhayan" To Claim ur prize Call me now! I'm Atty. Joey N. mendoza frm: BSP info Dpt per DTI#2568S'11

I replied to the text: Yehey! Ano po gagawin ko?, but there was no reply. Sigh. Sayang yun a!

Friday Quotes: The Procrastinator's Creed

The Procrastinator's Creed:
1. I believe that if anything is worth doing, it would have been done already.
2. I shall never move quickly, except to avoid more work or find excuses.
3. I will never rush into a job without a lifetime of consideration.
4. I shall meet all of my deadlines directly in proportion to the amount of bodily injury I could expect to receive from missing them.
5. I firmly believe that tomorrow holds the possibility for new technologies, astounding discoveries, and a reprieve from my obligations.
6. I truly believe that all deadlines are unreasonable regardless of the amount of time given.
7. I shall never forget that the probability of a miracle, though infinitesimally small, is not exactly zero.
8. If at first I don't succeed, there is always next year.
9. I shall always decide not to decide, unless of course I decide to change my mind.
10. I shall always begin, start, initiate, take the first step, and/or write the first word, when I get around to it.
11. I obey the law of inverse excuses which demands that the greater the task to be done, the more insignificant the work that must be done prior to beginning the greater task.
12. I know that the work cycle is not plan/start/finish, but is wait/plan/plan.
13. I will never put off until tomorrow, what I can forget about forever.
14. I will become a member of the ancient Order of Two-Headed Turtles (the Procrastinator's Society) if they ever get it organized.

Jan 27, 2011

Litratong Pinoy: Malambot

Ang malambot na baboy na ito ay patungan ng kamay habang hawak mo ang mouse ng iyong computer. Bingay lamang ito sa akin ng aking kumareng Weng, paalala marahil na kapag lagi na lamang kaming nakaupo ay matutulad kami sa baboy na ito: malambot at maganda, pero mataba! Ha ha ha!

Ayan, ang sama na tuloy ng tingin niya sa atin!

Jan 25, 2011

A Little Discipline

What is it about some people and why cant they have at least a a little discipline?I was browsing my photos when I chanced upon these pictures I took when we were at the QC Circle some weekends ago and I remembered that I have not posted them here. I took them because I was so mad at how the park looked like one Sunday morning that we were there. You would think that since this is a place that families visit, the people who come would at least show some concern for the park. Sadly, I was mistaken.Then there was this SUV parked haphazardly and a concerned park-goer post this note to remind him to park properly. I hope the park auhtorities saw this insread and had it towed to teach the driver a lesson.a
This poor guy would probably clean the whole park for a day and will not be done with it to have to look at bingo sites! I really feel bad for them so we asked them why the park looks extra dirty and he said there was a big celebration the previous night.
I still dont think that that is an excuse. If people would only learn to have some discipline and learn to throw their garbage in its proper place, then we can enjoy the park more. A little discipline is all I ask!

Sauteed Pechay with Tokwa

This very easy to cook Sauteed Pechay with Tokwa dish is one of my husband's favorite. I love cooking this for his lunch because it is so easy to prepare.
3 pcs Tokwa, fried and cut into cubes
3 bundles pechay

To cook, simply saute the onion, garlic and tomatoes in oil. Once cooked, add the cubed tokwa. After a minute, add the pechay. You can add a little water if you want. Then add salt and pepper to taste while stirring and after a few seconds, you are done! As baon, this dish serves three. Its cheap, healthy and very easy to prepare!

Jan 20, 2011

Car Buyers and Sellers Beware!

If you have been following the news lately, you would have heard about three gruesome murders with several similarities: all were car traders and all were shot dead before being burned to ashes. The crime is really gruesome and I can only imagine the grief and the anger of the families of the victims. It goes without saying that with these crimes becoming prevalent, both car buyers and sellers should beware! If I were a car seller, I would take out a temporary cover for vehicles that I am selling. I will also not meet prospective buyers in unfamiliar places. Even requests for test drives must be within my own subdivision. As one car trader said on TV, it is his practice to take a photo of his prospective buyer for safety purposes. If I were the buyer on the other hand, I will be sure to meet sellers in a public place or in the residence of the seller. I would be sure to let my family know where I am and to make the seller aware that people know that I am with him at that time. That way, he would know that people are aware of my whereabouts and would not plan anything bad against me. Again, be very vigilant.

Lunch at Giligan's

We had lunch at the newly opened Giligan's branch at the Veranda in Robinsons Galleria last December 30 and we really enjoyed it! The food was delicious and the price was surprisingly cheap! For the 8 of us, we only spent around P150 per person. It was cheaper here than at Max's or Kalye Juan. We ordered ala-carte: kare-kare, beef with broccoli, crispy pata and then got their rice and drinks promo. If you want to see how great the food was, just take a look at this kare-kare, before and after! We ordered two bowl of this!
And this was how the crispy pata looked like once were done with it. Sarap to the bones too!
We are sure to go back and eat at Giligans again. Giligans is located at the Veranda of the newly renovated Robinsons Galleria.

Jan 19, 2011

Watery Wednesday: Laiya, Batangas

One of the more accessible beaches to visit when in the Philippines is in Laiya in Batangas. It is just two hours away from Manila but the beaches are just wonderful! A perfect place for relaxation!
Perfect for a Watery Wednesday!

London Walking Tour

I saw from the morning news that walking tours of London are now becoming a tourist attraction. They said that it has a lot to do with the upcoming royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. There are lots of royal watchers out there who feel a certain thrill in knowing where these two royals love to dine or enjoy the night life. But for me, unless I have one of those London apartments and not just in town for a short visit, I would try and see more of the cultural spots of London. I would rather do a Da Vinci tour: visit the places mentioned in his infamous books. I would also love to witness the changing of the guards and people-watch at Trafalgar Square. I must at least visit the Westminster Abbey and of course the museums. Of course, visiting London is in my bucket list but I also think that before I try the walking tours of London, I should love my own first and do a Manila walking tour with Carlos Celdran. There are lots of places in Manila that I haven't seen through the eyes of the tourist and would I love to try and re-discover this wonderful city that way.

Modern Lighting - Redesigning With Discount Designer Lights

I love the title of this post! I feel so posh and chic and modern! I am currently building my dream house and designer lighting will really do wonders. I really wish I can install modern outdoor lighting in my dream home, if only I need not worry about the price. I saw these contemporary outdoor ceiling lights in one of the hotels near our office and I fell in love with it. I pass by the hotel just to admire them and I have a picture of how they would look in my house. There were also contemporary outdoor wall sconces that are just perfect! I am not so sure though that I will be able to get them for my house and if they would fit my design. I know that I can get the look of these designer lights in my house if I could be more resourceful and try and get discounts. The house would look more chic and modern that way. If only I have unlimited budget for these things then I will not be as frustrated as now. But I just love looking at these designer lightings and I know that someday I can buy them too!

Jan 18, 2011

Lets Organize!

I vow to live a simpler life this year and to start it off, I plan to organize my computer files. I have lots of ebooks waiting to be read and some that I have yet to read. I plan to use Java PDF to create an ebook library. I also have scanned copies of important documents like birth certificate and government ids, college diplomas and certificates and a lot more. I know that I have to file them in an organize way and not just save them in one folder together without rhyme or reason. Its also one way to save on computer disk space because I can delete those obsolete or duplicate files. When I am done with my ebook library, I can sort them and know right away which ones are yet to be read and delete those which do not really interest me. But I will have a problem with sorting photos because I just label the folders based on the date when I download them to the computer. Since I don't delete the photos from my camera's memory card, I have tons of duplicate photos on file. I wish I have an application that will just sort this for me! Oh no, its just dawning on me that its not that easy to organize.

Jan 17, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday: Dart Game

This is called a dart game. You pay P20 for 5 dart pins and 3 hits give you a small prize. It was a very easy and addicting game and makes you forget that the prize you are getting is only P5! We all took turns trying our hand and I also take too many pictures which I know would look good on photo calendars. I suddenly have an idea for birthday give-aways!
You can pay for as many games as you want and try to accumulate 200 points to get these big stuff toys! Good thing we realize we would save a lot if we buy them instead of trying to win them. But they look very enticing indeed hanged and lined up like that!
Happy Mellow Yellow Monday!

Jan 14, 2011

Philippine-Traveled Out

I was commenting on a friend's Facebook post about his New Year's resolution when he said he was already Philippine-traveled out. He is a foreigner temporarily living in the Philippines and he was with us last October when we visited Coron. He said he only wished to visit two or three more places in the Philippines because he have been all over the country! That is my wish for myself: to be Philippine-traveled out and keep at it, I have already two trips planned for the first quarter of this year. We will go to Puerto Princesa this February and then to Cagayan de Oro in March. The tickets were bought last year during Cebu Pacific's seat sale. I really want to visit the underground river in Palawan and check out those narrow boat holidays being offered by some resort there. I also want to check out Camiguin and the sunken cemetery when we visit Cagayan de Oro in March. Unfortunately, there might be hitches to my plan of touring the country as my husband and travel partner, also known as the financier, is already complaining about the number of leaves he had to take this next two months alone. So I guess I really have to choose between Puerto Princesa and Cagayan de Oro if I want to visit just one. So where do you think should I go first?

Why Do You Blog?

When I tell people I have a blog, the next most asked question to what is a blog is "Why do you blog?" I have asked myself the same question for more than two years now and I guess the shortest and most truthful answer is simply because I love writing. I love reading too, and sometimes I just have to have a say on something or would like to share some insights. Its not that I need to brag about everything that is happening on my life or shout to the world that I know everything about blogging. Truth is, I still haven't found a web host right now and is actually reading about justhost to help me decide if this is the right fit for my blog. There are still a lot of things to learn about blogging and web hosting! But I blog because I want to see how far I can do this. Will I earn as much as some people I know who are able to quit their day jobs because their blogging is earning them enough money? Will I be as famous as some bloggers whom I have been following since I had known of the Internet and are now considered as pioneers? When will I earn the confidence to share this blog to everybody and not be ashamed of my sill pictures above? Yes, I blog mostly for myself. And if people are able to learn something from my opinions and knowledge, then my blog isn't just a waste of Internet space after all. But even if some people consider it that, I don't care. I am having so much fun blogging I don't think I will quit just yet!

Jan 13, 2011

Too Cold!

I have known for a long time now that I can never survive in a country where there is snow!. I am just not made to adapt to cold weather and I get sick very easily. A tropical country like the Philippines to experience a cool January weather is a blessing for most people but not for me. Unfortunately, I have been nursing cough and colds and sometimes fever since December of last year. My son takes after me I think. His picture was taken when we stayed overnight at a hotel in Ortigas and he had a fever because we left the air conditioning set to too cold! I guess our dream house should have a Patio Heater if we are to survive cold months like these! And to think that this weather is nothing compared to what other countries are experiencing right now. There are reports of coldest months even in very cold countries already! I cannot imagine how I will survive in those places when I have to wear socks to sleep during summer. I guess I really am stuck here in my beloved country where the weather suits me just fine (except during December, January and February)!

Childhood dreams

When I was a kid, I dream of becoming a nurse someday. I love how nurses look so neat and efficient in their medical scrubs and how people really admire them for taking care of the sick. I didn't know back then that more than being a job, nursing really is a vocation. I just love how they look and how I would like in those scrubs. Of course, I didn't became a nurse and only now did I realize that I would not become a good nurse because I do not have the temperament required for the job, ha ha. But just the other day, my youngest daughter was asking me if she can really be a nurse one day. She was giving me a head massage because I was having a really bad headache. Her hands were really soothing and I told her that she can be a nurse. As she asked me that question, my childhood dream of becoming a nurse flashed before my eyes and I was already picturing my daughter in various medical scrub uniforms. I was thinking of how efficient and neat she will look and I was already bursting with pride. Of course, I will help her with her dream if this is really what she wants. My daughter is very caring and sensitive and I know that she can become a good nurse. Although its too early for her dream because she is only in pre-school, it wont hurt if I let her try on nursing uniforms scrub so she can see how it will look on her. If she can picture herself as I see her, I know that her childhood dream can become a reality someday!

Jan 12, 2011

Watery Wednesday: Water Balls

If only I was 30 kilos lighter, then I too, would be able to enjoy these water balls at the Circle of Fun inside the QC Memorial Circle. But my kids were afraid to try this.
It looks fun and just perfect for a Watery Wednesday!

Jan 11, 2011

Pinoy Henyo

Pinoy Henyo, a game popularized by the country's longest running afternoon show Eat Bulaga, has really become the Pambansang Laro ng Bayan (national game). We played our own version last New Year's eve. The game is simple: you just need a pair of players, one to guess the word and the other to answer oo, hindi or puede (yes, no or maybe). The pair who guessed the word in the shortest time wins.
To make the game more interesting, we had a participation fee of P20 per pair. Young and old alike joined the game and our pot reaches P260.

One very funny instant was when my husband's uncle thought the word was Talong(eggplant), instead of ilong (nose). Can you imagine the comments, both innocent and not so innocent? The adults had as much fun as the kids!
Here is my mother-in-law clapping when she guessed her word correctly.
And see the laughter of the crowd below.
My son and I won when he guessed the word Lechon during the final round.
This game is going to be a staple during our family gatherings and event. Try this to and you are sure to have as much fund as we had!

Jan 10, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday: QC Memorial Park


There are lots of things to do at QC Memorial Park, that is why its our favorite park in the world! There are lots of things to do: the kids can play at this beautiful playground, or bike around the park or play sports like badminton, tennis or volleyball. There are tables for picnic and eating and there are lots of food stalls as well.
The kids will also love this air balloons of their favorite cartoon characters!
And of course, the newest addition to the park is the Circle of Fun where you get to enjoy rides and lots of other attraction.
Happy Mellow Yellow Monday everyone!

Jan 9, 2011

Teaching the Kids How to Save

Good thing that some banks are open on Saturdays because I was able to accompany the kids to open their Junior Savers Account. We want to teach them the value of saving so the money that they get for Christmas all goes into this account. My eldest son already has his account so I just deposited all his money after Christmas. He is saving it for a major purchase, maybe an IPAD or a music thingie. My second son who is very good with money is now 8 years old so he was able to personally fill up and sign his forms. We went home with his passbook and the ATM can be claimed after one week. I told tee kids that extra money from their allowance or those given them by other people must be deposited. I know that this is a very good lesson for them to learn. One day, they will learn about making money work for them, rather than the other way around and they will soon be issuing their own company checks. I need to explain a lot of things to my little girl who told me to withdraw money just like the lady beside us who was handed lots of cash by the teller. I told her that the lady saved her money when she was young so now that she need it, she can get it from the bank. Unfortunately, I dont think she gets it yet because she did not want to keep her money at the bank, but at Jollibee instead. Anyway, she was not able to get her own account because I had to sign for her and I did not enough documents with me. I will teach her some more on the importance of money and open an account for her when she becomes seven in May.

Jan 6, 2011


My husband decided to surprise me last January 2 with this belated Christmas gift: an APAD! We were in Greenhills to the have the PSP's of the boys checked when he asked me if I know how much an Apad costs. So while waiting for the technician to do his magic, I roamed around the area and asked this lady about the price, features and functions of the gadget. My husband joined me when he was done and aked if I wanted one for myself. I was stunned! Not just by his generosity, but because I was not prepared for it. But he didnt need to ask me twice as my son was already busy browsing the internet with the Apad. So I went home with my Apad, grinning from ear to ear! Unfortunately, the kids love to play with it more than their PSP so I only get to tinker with it at the office! Anyway, I am still getting to know the Apad and I am still thinking of a name for it. Any suggestions?

Jan 5, 2011

Watery Wednesday: QC Memorial Circle Fountain

We love the QC Memorial Circle and we visit it more than we visit any other mall or park. Last year however, we were building our house so were not able to go there as often as we we like. We went there last January 3 and we were surprised at the many changes at the park, most especially this fountain.Its a musical fountain and the kids had a blast watching the water sway to the tune of the music. I bet this looks a lot better at night but we were there for a morning run so we had to go home before lunch. I promised my kids to visit this park one night to see how it looks with the lights on and the water rocking!
Happy Watery Wednesday everyone!

Jan 4, 2011

Happy Year of the Rabbit!

"A placid year, very much welcomed and needed after the ferocious year of the Tiger. We should go off to some quiet spot to lick our wounds and get some rest after all the battles of the previous year.

Good taste and refinement will shine on everything and people will acknowledge that persuasion is better than force. A congenial time in which diplomacy, international relations and politics will be given a front seat again. We will act with discretion and make reasonable concessions without too much difficulty.

A time to watch out that we do not become too indulgent. The influence of the Rabbit tends to spoil those who like too much comfort and thus impair their effectiveness and sense of duty.

Law and order will be lax; rules and regulations will not be rigidly enforced. No one seems very inclined to bother with these unpleasant realities. They are busy enjoying themselves, entertaining others or simply taking it easy. The scene is quiet and calm, even deteriorating to the point of somnolence. We will all have a tendency to put off disagreeable tasks as long as possible.

Money can be made without too much labor. Our life style will be languid and leisurely as we allow ourselves the luxuries we have always craved for. A temperate year with unhurried pace. For once, it may seem possible for us to be carefree and happy without too many annoyances."


Mellow Yellow Monday: Fireworks


The skies were lighted with beautiful fireworks display this New Year's eve. It was more elaborate and colorful than last year, maybe because there were no major calamities like before.
All of us were just craning our necks hoping to see more. Excuse my camera skills because they cannot capture the beauty of the fireworks, but they were really very pretty!
Even the kids had fun with fireworks with these lusis! But while it was pretty, it emits heavy smoke that smells too bad.
And after all those beautiful fireworks display, just look at the smoke that was left for us to inhale. Hay.