Jan 20, 2011

Car Buyers and Sellers Beware!

If you have been following the news lately, you would have heard about three gruesome murders with several similarities: all were car traders and all were shot dead before being burned to ashes. The crime is really gruesome and I can only imagine the grief and the anger of the families of the victims. It goes without saying that with these crimes becoming prevalent, both car buyers and sellers should beware! If I were a car seller, I would take out a temporary cover for vehicles that I am selling. I will also not meet prospective buyers in unfamiliar places. Even requests for test drives must be within my own subdivision. As one car trader said on TV, it is his practice to take a photo of his prospective buyer for safety purposes. If I were the buyer on the other hand, I will be sure to meet sellers in a public place or in the residence of the seller. I would be sure to let my family know where I am and to make the seller aware that people know that I am with him at that time. That way, he would know that people are aware of my whereabouts and would not plan anything bad against me. Again, be very vigilant.


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