Jan 13, 2011

Childhood dreams

When I was a kid, I dream of becoming a nurse someday. I love how nurses look so neat and efficient in their medical scrubs and how people really admire them for taking care of the sick. I didn't know back then that more than being a job, nursing really is a vocation. I just love how they look and how I would like in those scrubs. Of course, I didn't became a nurse and only now did I realize that I would not become a good nurse because I do not have the temperament required for the job, ha ha. But just the other day, my youngest daughter was asking me if she can really be a nurse one day. She was giving me a head massage because I was having a really bad headache. Her hands were really soothing and I told her that she can be a nurse. As she asked me that question, my childhood dream of becoming a nurse flashed before my eyes and I was already picturing my daughter in various medical scrub uniforms. I was thinking of how efficient and neat she will look and I was already bursting with pride. Of course, I will help her with her dream if this is really what she wants. My daughter is very caring and sensitive and I know that she can become a good nurse. Although its too early for her dream because she is only in pre-school, it wont hurt if I let her try on nursing uniforms scrub so she can see how it will look on her. If she can picture herself as I see her, I know that her childhood dream can become a reality someday!

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