Jan 18, 2011

Lets Organize!

I vow to live a simpler life this year and to start it off, I plan to organize my computer files. I have lots of ebooks waiting to be read and some that I have yet to read. I plan to use Java PDF to create an ebook library. I also have scanned copies of important documents like birth certificate and government ids, college diplomas and certificates and a lot more. I know that I have to file them in an organize way and not just save them in one folder together without rhyme or reason. Its also one way to save on computer disk space because I can delete those obsolete or duplicate files. When I am done with my ebook library, I can sort them and know right away which ones are yet to be read and delete those which do not really interest me. But I will have a problem with sorting photos because I just label the folders based on the date when I download them to the computer. Since I don't delete the photos from my camera's memory card, I have tons of duplicate photos on file. I wish I have an application that will just sort this for me! Oh no, its just dawning on me that its not that easy to organize.

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