Jan 25, 2011

A Little Discipline

What is it about some people and why cant they have at least a a little discipline?I was browsing my photos when I chanced upon these pictures I took when we were at the QC Circle some weekends ago and I remembered that I have not posted them here. I took them because I was so mad at how the park looked like one Sunday morning that we were there. You would think that since this is a place that families visit, the people who come would at least show some concern for the park. Sadly, I was mistaken.Then there was this SUV parked haphazardly and a concerned park-goer post this note to remind him to park properly. I hope the park auhtorities saw this insread and had it towed to teach the driver a lesson.a
This poor guy would probably clean the whole park for a day and will not be done with it to have to look at bingo sites! I really feel bad for them so we asked them why the park looks extra dirty and he said there was a big celebration the previous night.
I still dont think that that is an excuse. If people would only learn to have some discipline and learn to throw their garbage in its proper place, then we can enjoy the park more. A little discipline is all I ask!

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