Jan 19, 2011

London Walking Tour

I saw from the morning news that walking tours of London are now becoming a tourist attraction. They said that it has a lot to do with the upcoming royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. There are lots of royal watchers out there who feel a certain thrill in knowing where these two royals love to dine or enjoy the night life. But for me, unless I have one of those London apartments and not just in town for a short visit, I would try and see more of the cultural spots of London. I would rather do a Da Vinci tour: visit the places mentioned in his infamous books. I would also love to witness the changing of the guards and people-watch at Trafalgar Square. I must at least visit the Westminster Abbey and of course the museums. Of course, visiting London is in my bucket list but I also think that before I try the walking tours of London, I should love my own first and do a Manila walking tour with Carlos Celdran. There are lots of places in Manila that I haven't seen through the eyes of the tourist and would I love to try and re-discover this wonderful city that way.

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