Jan 20, 2011

Lunch at Giligan's

We had lunch at the newly opened Giligan's branch at the Veranda in Robinsons Galleria last December 30 and we really enjoyed it! The food was delicious and the price was surprisingly cheap! For the 8 of us, we only spent around P150 per person. It was cheaper here than at Max's or Kalye Juan. We ordered ala-carte: kare-kare, beef with broccoli, crispy pata and then got their rice and drinks promo. If you want to see how great the food was, just take a look at this kare-kare, before and after! We ordered two bowl of this!
And this was how the crispy pata looked like once were done with it. Sarap to the bones too!
We are sure to go back and eat at Giligans again. Giligans is located at the Veranda of the newly renovated Robinsons Galleria.

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