Jan 6, 2011


My husband decided to surprise me last January 2 with this belated Christmas gift: an APAD! We were in Greenhills to the have the PSP's of the boys checked when he asked me if I know how much an Apad costs. So while waiting for the technician to do his magic, I roamed around the area and asked this lady about the price, features and functions of the gadget. My husband joined me when he was done and aked if I wanted one for myself. I was stunned! Not just by his generosity, but because I was not prepared for it. But he didnt need to ask me twice as my son was already busy browsing the internet with the Apad. So I went home with my Apad, grinning from ear to ear! Unfortunately, the kids love to play with it more than their PSP so I only get to tinker with it at the office! Anyway, I am still getting to know the Apad and I am still thinking of a name for it. Any suggestions?

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