Jan 9, 2011

Teaching the Kids How to Save

Good thing that some banks are open on Saturdays because I was able to accompany the kids to open their Junior Savers Account. We want to teach them the value of saving so the money that they get for Christmas all goes into this account. My eldest son already has his account so I just deposited all his money after Christmas. He is saving it for a major purchase, maybe an IPAD or a music thingie. My second son who is very good with money is now 8 years old so he was able to personally fill up and sign his forms. We went home with his passbook and the ATM can be claimed after one week. I told tee kids that extra money from their allowance or those given them by other people must be deposited. I know that this is a very good lesson for them to learn. One day, they will learn about making money work for them, rather than the other way around and they will soon be issuing their own company checks. I need to explain a lot of things to my little girl who told me to withdraw money just like the lady beside us who was handed lots of cash by the teller. I told her that the lady saved her money when she was young so now that she need it, she can get it from the bank. Unfortunately, I dont think she gets it yet because she did not want to keep her money at the bank, but at Jollibee instead. Anyway, she was not able to get her own account because I had to sign for her and I did not enough documents with me. I will teach her some more on the importance of money and open an account for her when she becomes seven in May.

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