Jan 13, 2011

Too Cold!

I have known for a long time now that I can never survive in a country where there is snow!. I am just not made to adapt to cold weather and I get sick very easily. A tropical country like the Philippines to experience a cool January weather is a blessing for most people but not for me. Unfortunately, I have been nursing cough and colds and sometimes fever since December of last year. My son takes after me I think. His picture was taken when we stayed overnight at a hotel in Ortigas and he had a fever because we left the air conditioning set to too cold! I guess our dream house should have a Patio Heater if we are to survive cold months like these! And to think that this weather is nothing compared to what other countries are experiencing right now. There are reports of coldest months even in very cold countries already! I cannot imagine how I will survive in those places when I have to wear socks to sleep during summer. I guess I really am stuck here in my beloved country where the weather suits me just fine (except during December, January and February)!

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