Jan 14, 2011

Why Do You Blog?

When I tell people I have a blog, the next most asked question to what is a blog is "Why do you blog?" I have asked myself the same question for more than two years now and I guess the shortest and most truthful answer is simply because I love writing. I love reading too, and sometimes I just have to have a say on something or would like to share some insights. Its not that I need to brag about everything that is happening on my life or shout to the world that I know everything about blogging. Truth is, I still haven't found a web host right now and is actually reading about justhost to help me decide if this is the right fit for my blog. There are still a lot of things to learn about blogging and web hosting! But I blog because I want to see how far I can do this. Will I earn as much as some people I know who are able to quit their day jobs because their blogging is earning them enough money? Will I be as famous as some bloggers whom I have been following since I had known of the Internet and are now considered as pioneers? When will I earn the confidence to share this blog to everybody and not be ashamed of my sill pictures above? Yes, I blog mostly for myself. And if people are able to learn something from my opinions and knowledge, then my blog isn't just a waste of Internet space after all. But even if some people consider it that, I don't care. I am having so much fun blogging I don't think I will quit just yet!

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