Feb 28, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday: EDSA Shrine


This was how the EDSA shrinelooked like morning of February 25 for the 25th anniversary celebration. There were cameras and a lot of policemen in the area. In the afternoon, there were lots of people to commemorate the event.Too bad I was at work. My building is the smaller one at the middle.

Sorry about the quality of the picture because I took while on a moving vehicle! Happy Mellow Yellow Monday!

Feb 24, 2011

February 25 EDSA Traffic Advisory

Below is the MMDA's traffic plan for tomorrow's EDSA People Power Anniversary. If you are like me who works or pass by Ortigas/EDSA to get to work, a big good luck to all of us tomorrow! I just wish they declared this a working holiday if they were planning such a big celebration!

Well, if only my kids are not graduating next month and I will be using some of my leaves, I will probably just stay at home to avoid the traffic tomorrow!

Feb 23, 2011

Watery Wednesday: Drexelle at Ocean Park

This is my eldest son, Drexelle posing at one of the aquariums in Ocean Park here in Manila. He is a first year high school student, and has no immediate need for easter revision courses. I wish he wont grow up too soon because by then, he will have other women in his life, ha ha! This was taken during his birthday in 2009 when his uncle from the US went here to visit and took him there as a birthday treat. I haven't been to Ocean Park myself but I plan to visit sometime this year. I am sure my other kids will love it too! The only other sea adventure park I have visited is the Dolphin show in Subic during my daughter's educational trip.
I would love to pose with the sting rays and would love to try the foot spa where the fish would feed on your skin. That would be a new experience for a ticklish me! But if you ask me, I would prefer to see these animals in their natural habitat. I enjoyed our Dolphin watching adventure in Balicasag in Bohol because we saw them freely swimming in the ocean. But if the owner of these park feel that this is a way to make the public know more and care more about these animals, then I will just make sure that my kids appreciate that.

Feb 22, 2011

Tenants for my House?

I know that a lot of people are looking for private property to rent. We are even renting a home right now instead of moving already to our own house. But I don't think I can bear to have other people live in my house in Montalban. This came about during a discussion between me and my husband just the other night. I was asking him if he has any immediate plans of moving to our own house so that I can already look for new schools for the kids. Unfortunately, he wants to build the second floor of our house before he would decide to move there. He said that he does not feel safe when it rains and he can always imagine that a flood such as what happened during Typhoon Ondoy would happen again. Unfortunately, we do not have enough funds for another construction project like we did last year. Truth is, we are still paying for some of the loans that we took out last year. I was thinking of just getting tenants for the house to help pay with the monthly amortization but when my husband asked me if was serious, I declined. I would rather that we just keep on staying at the house on weekends and just make it a vacation home than see other people in it! Not practical, I know but that is just how I feel!

Ruby Tuesday: Rose

No, that is not the flower that my husband gave me this Valentine's Day. In fact, my husband did not give me any flowers. This was a gift from the staff of Gilligan's Restaurant in Veranda, Robinsons Galleria. All lady patrons each receive a rose for Valentine's Day. Sweet!

Feb 21, 2011

Summer is Here!

After more than three cold months of cold evenings, were now dreading the vengeance of a hot summer! Goodbye to Patio Heaters and hello to air conditioned rooms. But of course, summer means a lot of time under the sun and a lot of sand under our feet! I am now on the look out for domestic seat sale to Boracay, Bohol or Palawan, not just for my family but also for friends and friends of friends! If we cant find any good deals, we will just go to Pagudpud or Saud beach up north or somewhere south like Batangas. I am more inclined to go to Batangas because not only will we be able to hit the beach, but we can also go and visit some relatives there. It has been some years now since I have gone for a visit. I think summer is a great time to come home because it mango season too! How I would love to tell my kids the stories of my summer growing up in Batangas and climbing trees and running barefoot going to the river! Oh, I think we will just go home to the province this summer then! I am too excited!

Feb 18, 2011

New Datu Puti Commercial of Pacquiao and Mommy Dionisia

Too funny for words!

This is one of their three new commercials for Datu Puti Toyo and Vinegar. I love this one best!

Friday Quotes

New Logo

I am thinking of a new logo for this blog. I cant think of anything that will capture the essence of this blog because I just post anything and everything that comes to mind here. My other blogs are more specific: I have a parenting blog, a book blog and a blog about my house. I found the logos for those blog from free sites. But this Okay Ukay blog is a collection of a lot of things and choosing one logo for this is really difficult. I think I should look for a online logo design that could match this blog. Maybe they could give me more choices and more ideas. I don't want my picture on the header but I want this blog to capture my personality as well. There are lots of free blog logos and headers out there but they are not personalized. If I ran out of ideas, maybe I can just ask my kids to draw something and then I could make that drawing my logo. At least, their creativity can be showcased too and they get to do it for mommy as well. I bet they would love that too! I guess that is what I will do this weekend.

Dressing Up A New House

One of my friends just moved in to her dream house and she is so excited to dress up the house! She has already ordered a new sofa and a new gigantic LCD TV. She has plans of putting up a bar counter too. The beds in the master bedroom and the kid's room have been delivered also and she has already bought the covers for them as well. She sent her old stuff from her previous house to her parents in the province so she was buying and scheduling delivery of her recent purchases just last week. We were on the phone with her the whole time and we will be there during the weekend to help her dress up the house. But she held off on buying new blinds because she was looking for a supplier of Cheap venetian blinds. What we were able to find in the malls and home stores are way too pricey and we did not like the colors too. I saw one set that would fit her bedroom windows bu they have no available items for the other windows and they wont match. I guess we really should help her look for a supplier that could custom-made her venetian blinds to tally dress up the new house. This is actually a fun bonding moment for us friends helping her with the house decorating.

Feb 17, 2011

Ten Things I would Like to Have Right Now

I am very thankful for everything that is in my life right now and I know that I am enjoying a lot more than most people. I have a loving husband, three wonderful kids, a very supportive mother, the best sisters in the world, a great job and the coolest bosses in the whole world. But if you I have a genie in front of me that could give me ten things that I would like to have right now (except unlimited money) with no strings attached, then here they are:

Ten Things I would Like to have Right Now!
1. An all-expense paid, week-long vacation for 12 people to HongKong Disneyland. The 12 people are me and my husband and our three kids, then my sister and her husband and their two kids, and my mother and my sister and then my mother-in-law. That would be the best vacation ever because my whole family would be there.
2. A van for the whole family. We are saving up to buy a second-hand car this year but I think we wont fit comfortably in a car anymore. A brand new Toyota Innova would be nice.
3. A hearing aid for my mother.
4. An executive check-up for my mother.
5. Two new laptops: one for my sister Kris and the other for my first born, Drexelle.
6. Unlimited Internet access at home with a free land line.
7. New clothes for the whole family. I only buy them new clothes during special occasions. I would also love to buy them branded shoes and stuff, especially my mother who has never really asked anything for herself.
8. An LCD TV for the house.
9. A new sofa.
10. A Blackberry cell phone for me and my husband.

Of course I can have and I can do all of this in the future if I can save enough money for them but then again, there are more important things in life than Things ;-)

Off to a Vacation!

I am too excited and already counting the days to our vacation this March! My husband and I will again go to Palawan, but this time to Puerto Princesa City. We will visit the Underground River and tour the islands along Honda Bay. Going on a vacation is just the only vice that I have in my life and I am lucky that we are able to do so even on a small budget. But if money is no object, my perfect vacation would be a Monaco grand prix hospitality package. I get to watch the Formula 1 race, rub elbows with the rich and the royalty and experience the lifestyle of the rich and famous! Now that is what you call a grand vacation! I want to try boating in those sleek and elegant yachts and see the Cote D'Azur! I would love to try playing golf at those marvelous country clubs and attend exclusive and private parties with movie stars! I know that those are stuff that I only read in the lifestyle columns of newspapers and magazines but we are talking of dream vacations, right? But I guess I should still be very happy that I can visit new and exciting places even if they are not in Monaco because not all people can do that!

Finding the perfect bed

I have a small house so we sleep on foldable mattress instead of a bed. But when I saw this bunk bed, I knew that it will fit my room and we can all sleep comfortably in the room. But I think I need to have this customized because the size of my room is not the standard size carried by most appliance store. So I will just have the bunks made and I will buy the beds. My boss said that what she does when finding a bed is that she lies on it first and if it feels comfortable then she buys it! I don't think that style will work for me though. My other told me to try those great looking log beds she saw from a catalog. If I have a big room, I know that I will be sure to buy them because not only do they look good and comfortable, they look very durable too! Sleeping on them can make me dream that I am vacationing in one of those European log homes! Unfortunately, my room has restrictions that I have to follow and so I need to sacrifice beauty over functionality. I just wish that I can find the perfect bed that will give me a perfectly good night's sleep!

Web Design

When one of my office mates saw my blog, she asked me a thousand and one questions because she was so interested to create her own. She said she loves posting her Internet finds on her Facebook wall and she thinks that her own blog will allow her more freedom to this. I told her that she can do exactly as she pleases with her blog and she can find free hosting anyway so she can create one anytime. But unlike me who made my own blog from scratch, she wants to look for a web design company on the Internet that will create her blog according to her specific instructions. She has a marketing background and believes that the design of her blog is something that has to be left to the hands of the expert! I actually agree with her, but for my personal blogs, I am okay with the design that I have. If I am to build a business blog, then I would ask the experts also. So my friend is trying to look for budget-friendly web design company but at the same time, trying to learn stuff like web hosting, link building, publishing and a lot more! I guess I will also learn as I teach her so this is going to be exciting!

Feb 16, 2011

Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Happiness is:
1. Turning 34 and loving every minute of it!
2. Being mom to three wonderful and sweet kids. I have three Valentine's day card from them!
3. The Palawan trip for 2.
4. Being married to a wonderful man, who loves the best and worst in me.
5. A successful diet (ha ha, wishful thinking) and being able to exercise daily.
6. Chocolates and flowers for Valentines Day
7. Knowing I have family and friends who love me unconditionally.
8. Two sisters that makes me feel too lucky to have them in my life.
9. The good health of my family.
10. A job that allows for to have financial independence.
11. Knowing to pick my battles and knowing that some people are not that important to even merit a grudge!

Feb 15, 2011

The Black Mamba

Should you fear The Black Mamba? Oh Yes! Especially if you don't get your act together and play the game with 101% determination!

The film stars Kobe Bryant Kanye West, Bruce Willis, Danny Trejo and is directed by Robert Rodriguez. The film will be launched on Saturday, February 19, 2011, 6:00 p.m. at the Ronac ART Center, Ortigas Avenue, Greenhills, San Juan. Gates open at 4:00 p.m.

Ruby Tuesday: Flowers

Let us color the sky red with these beautiful summer flowers! Happy Ruby Tuesday!

Feb 14, 2011

My Sim# Won!

What do you know, I feel so lucky today! I received this text from +639099479982 and I quote:

Congratulations! Your Sim#had won. (PHp,780,000,00) 2nd prize winner draw last./FEB/10/11 To claim ur prize Pls. Call me now. I'm AMY L. SUAREZ (DÁuditor of Phil's Charity foundation)Sponsored of Manny Pacquiao per Dti-Ncr Per.#5615 Series of 2011.

If you add that to the P980,000 that I won last month, then I am a millionaire today already! I better call her right away and not miss on the fun of telling her that I will report her to NTC for trying to scam people!

Mellow Yellow Monday: Happy Hearts Day!


Happy Hearts Day everyone! Hope you are happy this sweetest day of the year and enjoying a meaningful day with your loved ones!

Have a happy mellow yellow monday too!

Feb 10, 2011

Something for the House

I turned a year older last February 1 and I received several gifts. My friends gave me this beautiful blouse in my favorite purple color. They also got it in a size lower than my usual and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it fits quite nicely. While I love getting dress for myself and am always surprised that they would get me one, I usually ask for something that I can use at the house instead. But of course, friends do give you what they think will look nice on you and they were right, I looked gorgeous, ha ha! The gift that I received was from my bosses here at the office was something for the house, an oven toaster! Last Christmas, they gave me this cute and colorful cups and saucer set. I was so happy with their gift that I haven't taken the wrapper off! For mother's day last year, my husband gave me a rice cooker and on another occasion, an electric fan. Of course I love his other gifts like that Apad he gave me for Christmas. But for this Valentine's Day I think I will be very happy if he would just give me a new carpet instead. The one we currently have is in need of serious Carpet replacement. I just hope he is reading this so that he can ask for my preferred design!

Feb 9, 2011

Electronic Wastes

There was this news magazine program that I saw one time that really broke my heart. It was a story about kids who were forced to make a living by picking garbage and selling it at junk shops. The garbage that they picked were hazardous materials. Mostly they are electronic wastes that they burn to be able to get the copper that sell for a much higher price than the usual paper and plastic wastes. The problem was, the kids had worst lung conditions due to the inhalation of smoke during the burning process. I really feel for the kids because they are not more than 15 years of age and they are already suffering serious illness. If only people would know how to dispose of their electronic wastes properly and bring them to electronics recycling centers, these kids will not be exposed to such harmful chemicals. I know also that it is a result of poverty that the kids have to do this, but I hope that the news magazine program was able to enlighten the people about the dangers of improper electronic wastes handling. It was mentioned in the program that malls and even service centers accept these wastes for recycling so we must be all aware and not just throw those junks wherever we please.

Watery Wednesday: Alona Beach, Bohol

More pictures of our Bohol Family trip at Alona Beach in Panglao Island in Bohol. Taken December 2008.

I really would love to go back to Bohol! Its a beautiful, beautiful place!

Feb 8, 2011

Ruby Tuesday: Some Like it Hot!

My first Ruby Tuesday entry: Some like it hot, I like it hotter! Some chillies for your taste buds!

Happy Ruby Tuesday everyone!

Chris Chronicles 1st Blogversary Giveaway!

I am joining Chris Chronicles' 1st Blogversary Giveaway because she is giving away such amazing cash prizes! 1st winner gets $100, the 2nd winner gets $50, the 3rd winner gets $30 and the 4th winner gets a two-column Blogger or Wordpress template in her choice of color! Amazing! I want to win any of the cash prizes because it will help pay for my upcoming Palawan trip! Of course, big thanks are in order to the generous sponsors:

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Feb 7, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday: Manila Bay Sunset


This is the view of the Manila Bay sunset that I get to see from my office window everyday, unless its cloudy of course. Just a perfect way to end a working day, don't you think?

Happy Mellow Yellow Monday!

Feb 3, 2011

Chicken Macaroni Soup

Something hot, creamy and delicious to eat during this cold season: Chicken Macaroni Soup! So easy to prepare too!
200 gms elbow macaroni
500 gms chicken
200 gms hotdog
1 carrot, julienned
half cabbage
evaporated milk

How to prepare:
1. In a pan, heat a little oil and saute onion and garlic.
2. Add the chicken and stir, and cook well.
3. Add the hotdog.
4. Add the elbow macaroni and stir.
5. Add a little water and let boil until noodle is cooked
6. Add the cabbage and carrots.
7. Add the evaporated milk and season to taste.
8. Let boil for a minute and then its ready to serve.

Feb 2, 2011

Prosperity Fish Tikoy

The above was from the Tikoy my boss received from a client. The orange prosperity fish is a traditional tikoy and the other is purple yum tikoy. They are ready to eat but they tasted different than our usual fried tikoy. I am not sure if we should fry it to make it taste better. Hmmm, maybe its an acquired taste that some people like it as is.
They look very yummy though!
It comes with this pretty box that is very recyclable!Happy Chinese New Year everyone! may this New Year bring us more luck and prosperity!

Feb 1, 2011

On the Day of My Birth

"The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved-loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves."