Feb 18, 2011

Dressing Up A New House

One of my friends just moved in to her dream house and she is so excited to dress up the house! She has already ordered a new sofa and a new gigantic LCD TV. She has plans of putting up a bar counter too. The beds in the master bedroom and the kid's room have been delivered also and she has already bought the covers for them as well. She sent her old stuff from her previous house to her parents in the province so she was buying and scheduling delivery of her recent purchases just last week. We were on the phone with her the whole time and we will be there during the weekend to help her dress up the house. But she held off on buying new blinds because she was looking for a supplier of Cheap venetian blinds. What we were able to find in the malls and home stores are way too pricey and we did not like the colors too. I saw one set that would fit her bedroom windows bu they have no available items for the other windows and they wont match. I guess we really should help her look for a supplier that could custom-made her venetian blinds to tally dress up the new house. This is actually a fun bonding moment for us friends helping her with the house decorating.

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