Feb 9, 2011

Electronic Wastes

There was this news magazine program that I saw one time that really broke my heart. It was a story about kids who were forced to make a living by picking garbage and selling it at junk shops. The garbage that they picked were hazardous materials. Mostly they are electronic wastes that they burn to be able to get the copper that sell for a much higher price than the usual paper and plastic wastes. The problem was, the kids had worst lung conditions due to the inhalation of smoke during the burning process. I really feel for the kids because they are not more than 15 years of age and they are already suffering serious illness. If only people would know how to dispose of their electronic wastes properly and bring them to electronics recycling centers, these kids will not be exposed to such harmful chemicals. I know also that it is a result of poverty that the kids have to do this, but I hope that the news magazine program was able to enlighten the people about the dangers of improper electronic wastes handling. It was mentioned in the program that malls and even service centers accept these wastes for recycling so we must be all aware and not just throw those junks wherever we please.

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