Feb 17, 2011

Finding the perfect bed

I have a small house so we sleep on foldable mattress instead of a bed. But when I saw this bunk bed, I knew that it will fit my room and we can all sleep comfortably in the room. But I think I need to have this customized because the size of my room is not the standard size carried by most appliance store. So I will just have the bunks made and I will buy the beds. My boss said that what she does when finding a bed is that she lies on it first and if it feels comfortable then she buys it! I don't think that style will work for me though. My other told me to try those great looking log beds she saw from a catalog. If I have a big room, I know that I will be sure to buy them because not only do they look good and comfortable, they look very durable too! Sleeping on them can make me dream that I am vacationing in one of those European log homes! Unfortunately, my room has restrictions that I have to follow and so I need to sacrifice beauty over functionality. I just wish that I can find the perfect bed that will give me a perfectly good night's sleep!

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