Feb 18, 2011

New Logo

I am thinking of a new logo for this blog. I cant think of anything that will capture the essence of this blog because I just post anything and everything that comes to mind here. My other blogs are more specific: I have a parenting blog, a book blog and a blog about my house. I found the logos for those blog from free sites. But this Okay Ukay blog is a collection of a lot of things and choosing one logo for this is really difficult. I think I should look for a online logo design that could match this blog. Maybe they could give me more choices and more ideas. I don't want my picture on the header but I want this blog to capture my personality as well. There are lots of free blog logos and headers out there but they are not personalized. If I ran out of ideas, maybe I can just ask my kids to draw something and then I could make that drawing my logo. At least, their creativity can be showcased too and they get to do it for mommy as well. I bet they would love that too! I guess that is what I will do this weekend.

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