Feb 10, 2011

Something for the House

I turned a year older last February 1 and I received several gifts. My friends gave me this beautiful blouse in my favorite purple color. They also got it in a size lower than my usual and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it fits quite nicely. While I love getting dress for myself and am always surprised that they would get me one, I usually ask for something that I can use at the house instead. But of course, friends do give you what they think will look nice on you and they were right, I looked gorgeous, ha ha! The gift that I received was from my bosses here at the office was something for the house, an oven toaster! Last Christmas, they gave me this cute and colorful cups and saucer set. I was so happy with their gift that I haven't taken the wrapper off! For mother's day last year, my husband gave me a rice cooker and on another occasion, an electric fan. Of course I love his other gifts like that Apad he gave me for Christmas. But for this Valentine's Day I think I will be very happy if he would just give me a new carpet instead. The one we currently have is in need of serious Carpet replacement. I just hope he is reading this so that he can ask for my preferred design!

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