Feb 21, 2011

Summer is Here!

After more than three cold months of cold evenings, were now dreading the vengeance of a hot summer! Goodbye to Patio Heaters and hello to air conditioned rooms. But of course, summer means a lot of time under the sun and a lot of sand under our feet! I am now on the look out for domestic seat sale to Boracay, Bohol or Palawan, not just for my family but also for friends and friends of friends! If we cant find any good deals, we will just go to Pagudpud or Saud beach up north or somewhere south like Batangas. I am more inclined to go to Batangas because not only will we be able to hit the beach, but we can also go and visit some relatives there. It has been some years now since I have gone for a visit. I think summer is a great time to come home because it mango season too! How I would love to tell my kids the stories of my summer growing up in Batangas and climbing trees and running barefoot going to the river! Oh, I think we will just go home to the province this summer then! I am too excited!

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