Feb 17, 2011

Ten Things I would Like to Have Right Now

I am very thankful for everything that is in my life right now and I know that I am enjoying a lot more than most people. I have a loving husband, three wonderful kids, a very supportive mother, the best sisters in the world, a great job and the coolest bosses in the whole world. But if you I have a genie in front of me that could give me ten things that I would like to have right now (except unlimited money) with no strings attached, then here they are:

Ten Things I would Like to have Right Now!
1. An all-expense paid, week-long vacation for 12 people to HongKong Disneyland. The 12 people are me and my husband and our three kids, then my sister and her husband and their two kids, and my mother and my sister and then my mother-in-law. That would be the best vacation ever because my whole family would be there.
2. A van for the whole family. We are saving up to buy a second-hand car this year but I think we wont fit comfortably in a car anymore. A brand new Toyota Innova would be nice.
3. A hearing aid for my mother.
4. An executive check-up for my mother.
5. Two new laptops: one for my sister Kris and the other for my first born, Drexelle.
6. Unlimited Internet access at home with a free land line.
7. New clothes for the whole family. I only buy them new clothes during special occasions. I would also love to buy them branded shoes and stuff, especially my mother who has never really asked anything for herself.
8. An LCD TV for the house.
9. A new sofa.
10. A Blackberry cell phone for me and my husband.

Of course I can have and I can do all of this in the future if I can save enough money for them but then again, there are more important things in life than Things ;-)

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