Feb 17, 2011

Web Design

When one of my office mates saw my blog, she asked me a thousand and one questions because she was so interested to create her own. She said she loves posting her Internet finds on her Facebook wall and she thinks that her own blog will allow her more freedom to this. I told her that she can do exactly as she pleases with her blog and she can find free hosting anyway so she can create one anytime. But unlike me who made my own blog from scratch, she wants to look for a web design company on the Internet that will create her blog according to her specific instructions. She has a marketing background and believes that the design of her blog is something that has to be left to the hands of the expert! I actually agree with her, but for my personal blogs, I am okay with the design that I have. If I am to build a business blog, then I would ask the experts also. So my friend is trying to look for budget-friendly web design company but at the same time, trying to learn stuff like web hosting, link building, publishing and a lot more! I guess I will also learn as I teach her so this is going to be exciting!

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