Mar 30, 2011

Watery Wednesday: Kayangan Lake, Palawan

Re-visiting Kayangan Lake in Coron, Palawan. We were there last July 2010. I want to go back and see the pristine waters again. I love, love Coron!

Happy Watery Wednesday!

How to Market Your Blog

I took up several Marketing units way back in college and I know that in order for any product to succeed, you must know your customers. In order to successfully sell a product to your customers, you must first know who they are and what they need. Now, how does this apply to blogging? I applaud those people who have several niche blogs, one blog for travel, one blog for food, one blog for reviews and one blog for one thing or another. But I only have three blogs and I sometimes just write what I feel at the blog that is least updated, ha ha! So, am I using my knowledge in marketing in this blog? I think yes and I also think no. I know that I can find more readers if I will specialize in one topic in this blog but since this blog is for random thoughts and whatever else comes to mind then I will just as I please! And then maybe I will just hire the services of a search marketing company to find me my readers! I know that it could work too! But I also know that I am doing something right in this blog because I encourage real readership by joining contests, weekly memes and making real comments on those blog that I like and I follow. There lies the success in making this blog work: real people read this! And some posts even make it to google's list. Well, maybe one day I will make this into a more specialized blog, but for now, I am just happy at what I write here and I hope that my readers are enjoying it too!

The Search for the Perfect Logo!

We want to make a family shirt for five of us. I saw those stick family figures that I know will look great for the shirt design. We still have to decide on the color of the shirt and the printer but the logo is looking good! I may even use this for my web logo design on the new blog I am thinking of putting up. The shirt design can also be our family logo, and I can have stickers made for the car and for bag tags and other stuff! I am actually excited with the idea and I hope my husband will agree. This is actually a perfect logo and I can even design couple shirts for the both of us that we can use when we travel. Ha ha, I think my husband will balk at that idea. So anyway, before I for over the top with the shirt design, I will just concentrate in looking for the perfect logo for this new poetry blog that I might put up. I found some old notebooks of my poetry and I think that I can share some of them with some pictures that I know will match. At the same time that I am trying out writing poetry again, I will be brushing up on my photography skills one more time! But I want the perfect logo first before I think about the contents for now, he he!

Scam Emails

What do you do when you receive emails asking for your bank account details because they need your help in getting out a big amount of money from their country and your email is the luckiest among the bunch? In exchange, they will give you a portion of the millions of dollars of money just for your help. This is a scam that is as old as the Internet and thankfully, I do not know anyone personally who has fallen for this scam. I think what the scammers will do next once you take the bait is to ask you to deposit some money as a show of good faith that you will not run with the millions once it is in your account. It is laughable really if one should fall for this but I know that some there really are gullible people who have fallen for this trick. Of course, other than scams, I also hate spams in my email! Why don't they use email marketing tracking so that they can be assured that the people they email are going to be interested in their product? Why email me an advertisement for penis enlargement and waste your company's time and resources? Its like you didn't do your homework and would rather shoot in the dark and hope to hit your target! Oh emails, why will I do with you when I cant live without you? Ha ha ha!

Mar 28, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday: Gumamela


We had a very tiring bu super fun weekend thanks to my dear friend Rona's house blessing and her youngest son Johann's third birthday swimming party celebration. During a lull in the party, I spotted this beautiful gumamela flower near our table and decided to take some macro shots. I have kept in storage reading materials on how to take macro shots but my camera failed me! These are not macro shots because every time I zoom in for a closer shot, the image becomes blurred!
My husband noticed what was keeping me beside the flowers for too long so I had to stop trying and be content with these cute shots, not macro, but passable.
I guess I have to read more on taking those shots, or finally read my camera's manual! Ha ha!

Happy Mellow Yellow Monday everyone!

Mar 26, 2011

Smiley Saturday: The Yaya Diaries

I am working at a non-airconditioned office this hot Saturday and I just had to share a smile to make my day. So this is from a forwarded email I saw I was cleaning my mailbox:

1. Yaya buys food at McDo.
Crew: “Dito niyo na po ba kakainin?”
Yaya: “Puwede sa table?”

2. Kid: “Yaya look, boats!”
Yaya: “Dows are not boats, dey’re yachts.”
Kid: “Yaya, spell yachts?”
Yaya: “Yor rayt, dey are boats.”

3. Woman carrying sick baby enters doctor’s office.
Doc: “Bottlefed?”
Woman: “ Brea - stfed po.”
(Doctors squeezes woman’s breasts repeatedly)
Doc: “Ayan ang problema, wala kang gatas, eh.”
Woman: “Yaya lang po ako doc! Yaya!”

4. The eggs that yaya bought turned out to be rotten.
She stormed back to the grocery and told the vendor:
“Manong, ang baho ng itlog niyo!”

5. My mom asked our yaya to buy Inquirer and Star.
Our yaya came back and said: “Ma’am, wala pong Inquirer
kaya bumili nalang po ako ng dalawang Star!”

6. Yaya: “Huhuhu…”
Ate: “O, bakit ka umiiyak?”
Yaya: “Kasi ate ang dami kong pimples!”
Ate: “Eh bakit ka ba tinitighiyawat?”
Yaya: “Kasi po di ako makatulog sa gabi.”
Ate: “O, bakit ka di makatulog?”
Yaya: “Kasi po may pinoproblema ako…”
Ate: “Ano naman ang pinoproblema mo?”
Yaya: “Kasi ate ang dami kong pimples!”

7. (Earlier) Mom: “Yaya, lagay mo yung pesto sa ref!”
(Later) Son: “Yaya, nakita mo PS2 ko?”
Yaya: “Nasa ref, pinalagay ng mama mo!”

8. Just now my maid burned a hole in my uniform.
I angrily asked her, “Paano mo naman nasunog to?”
She answered: “Secret!”

9. After watching a movie, our yaya blurted out :
“Ang pangit naman, happy ending!”

10. Sir: “Yaya, gawa mo ko ng kape. Yung decaf ha!”
Yaya: “Siyempre naman, alangan namang de-baso!”

11. Mom: “Yaya, magluto ka na pag-alis ko ha!”
Yaya: “Ano po lulutuin ko?”
Mom: “It’s up to you.”
(During dinner) Mom: “Yaya, bakit ketsup at tuyo ang ulam?”
Yaya: “Diba nung tinanong ko kayo kung anong lulutuin ko,
sabi niyo, ‘kitsup tuyo’!”

12. Our neighbor’s yaya: “Junjun, chew your mouth!”

13. Our yaya sa sari-sari store: “Miss isang Coke in can
at isang Sprite na Coke in can…”

14. SIR: “Inday, si sir mo to, nabangga kotse ko & I need cash!”
INDAY: “Aru, dugo-dugo gang ka no?”
SIR: “Gaga! Si sir mo talaga to!”
INDAY: “Gago ka rin! Si sir ang tawag sa kin…kapkeyk…”

15. I once asked my yaya where the Netherlands is located.
She answered: “Diba dun nakatira si Peter Pan?”

16. “O yaya, bakit ka umiiyak?”
Yaya: “Ati, sabi kasi ng duktor, tatanggalan ako ng butlig!”
Ate: “Eh yun lang pala eh! Bakit ka umiiyak?”
Yaya: “Buti kung one lig lang, eh kung butlig, wala na kong ligs!”

17. We saw our yaya staring intently at the orange juice bottle.
Sabi namin: “Yaya, anong ginagawa mo?”
Yaya: “Shhh! Nakalagay sa bote, ‘concentrate’…”

18. Neighbor’s yaya telling her ward to climb down the stairs:
“Down to earth! Down to earth!”

19. My mom was going to buy our yaya a transistor radio.
Before my mom left the house, our yaya said,
“Ma’am, ang kunin niyo yung Ilokano ang salita ha!”

20. We paid for the tuition fee of our yaya’s son.
So one day I was reviewing him: “The Earth is the 3rd planet from the sun.
Ano ang katabi ng Mercury?” His mom, our yaya, answered:
“Parang Watson’s yata…”

21. Sir: “Yaya, natanggal mo yung mantsa sa barong ko?”
Yaya: “Opo! Tanggal na tanggal!”
Sir: “Good! Anong pinang-tanggal mo?”
Yaya: “Gunting, kuya! Gunting!”

22. Yaya to tricycle driver: “Magkano sa City Hall?”
Driver: “Ikaw lang?” Yaya: “Ay bakit, hindi ka sasama?”

23. (Si Kuya pumasok sa kuwarto ni Yaya)
Kuya: “Yaya…”
Yaya: “Koya, wag po! Wag Pooooo!”
Kuya: “Gaga! Uutusan lang kita!”
Yaya: “Si Koya naman…nagsa-suggest lang…”

24. Kid: “Yaya, spell orange?”
Yaya: “Depende. Yung kulay o yung prutas?”

25. Midget Yaya who was newly hired:
“Suwerte po kayo, ako ang napili niyo..
At least kung maibagsak ko si baby, mababa lang!”

26. Yaya to my brother: “Nag tothbrush ka na ng ipin?”
Bro: “Siyempre, alangan namang mag toothbrush ako ng kilikili!”

27. (after being scolded for breaking her promises):
“Ma’am, hindi na po ako mangangako ulit…promise!”

28. We had a yaya who claimed she was being courted by a kapre
in her province and wanted to take her to his kingdom.
Her reason for turning down the offer to be his queen?
“Kapre yun ma’am, malaki ang kwan nun! Wag na uy!”

29. AMO: “Bakit namatay ang aso?”
MAID: “Pinaliguan ko po ng laundry soap.”
AMO: “Nakamamatay ba yun?”
MAID: “Ewan ko nga po eh, pag-off ko ng washing machine patay na.”

30. Yaya picking up the phone saying: “ Hilo ?”
We noticed that she was holding the handset ng baligtad.
We told her, “Yaya, baliktad!”
Then Yaya said: “Lohi?”

31. Amo: Yaya use COOLING PLACE in a sentence.
Yaya: Sir! viry easy! iksample nagring yung phone,
(ring, ring, ring,) Yaya answered, " HILO , WHO'S COOLING PLACE?"

Have fun smiling this

Mar 25, 2011

Friday Quotes

"Wherever you go,
whatever the weather,
always bring your own sunshine!”

Mar 24, 2011

Litratong Pinoy: Itim

Ilan lamang ito sa mga pampasalubong at pang dekorasyon mula sa Puerto Princesa, Palawan. Gusto ko sanang bumili ng bumili, kaya lang ay kapos na sa budget, ha ha! Ang galing ng gawa nila. Gawa sa kamagong kaya kulay itim. Ang presyo nila ay tatlong daan isang pares.

Ang mga ref magnet na ito naman ay lima hanggang bente pesos ang isa. Sulit na hindi ba?

Mar 23, 2011

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Its a Happy Wednesday again and time to count our blessings! Happiness is:
1. Danniel's recognition day! Top 3 student among all Grade 2 pupils.
2. He is also received an Excellent in Math and Superior in English CEM certificates.
3. Ishi's Moving Up Day!
4. She received the Most Generous Award!
5. Oh, the fun fun trip to Puerto Princesa City last March 4-7 for hubby and me.
6. Going back to the gym after a month of hiatus.
7. But gaining only 2 pounds, despite the vacation! Woohoho!
8. Start of summer vacation! More free time.
9. Finding ways to entertain the kids this summer.
10. Winning vs the Zombies! Am getting addicted to this game, he he.

To check out how this started and for credits on the image, check this out!

Mar 22, 2011

Delicious Salted Egg Dish

This was lunch during our Honda Bay Island tour, salted egg with sliced tomatoes and onions. Especially yummy with grilled yellow fin tuna!
And the presentation itself made the food look delicious! And when you are on the beach surrounded by all those water, you feel especially hungry!
Love the food!

Home Decors

My mom's friend is redecorating their ancestral home in the province. Since all her kids are now married and have homes and families of their own, she wants the house to be a vacation place for her grand kids. Do you know where we can find made to measure Roman Blinds? She wants to make the windows inviting and she wants to take off the old and scary looking windows. Her grand kids made her promise to make the house look less like a setting for a horror movie, as old houses do and she was so challenged she is so loving the project! My mom was so caught up with the enthusiasm of her friend that they have changed curtains, paints, paintings, beddings and decors and are now changing the look of the windows. Can you imagine a more fun home decorating activity? They got the idea of the roman blinds when they saw this on a vacation home in Tagaytay. The blinds made the windows so inviting and the place looks so clean too! I know that with these ladies putting their heads together, they will make the old house looks a fun vacation place in no time.

Mar 16, 2011

Watery Wednesday: Boats at Puerto Princesa Underground River

These are the boats facing the entrance to the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River Natural Park and they look such a merry sight! The sea looks festive with the all floating happily, waiting to bring back the tourists to Sabang Wharf after traversing the wondrous underground river!
Happy Watery Wednesday!

Mar 15, 2011

Marilyn Smells!

Taken during our City Tour at Puerto Princesa City, I was so insecure of Marilyn Monroe'sexy pose at Baker's Hill that I told my husband she smells!
But my husband was so happy to find his ex-girlfriend that he can't be bothered!

We had so much fun at Baker's Hill and it shows in these fun photos, don't you think?

Mar 14, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday:Lunch at Baker's Hill

MellowYellowMondayBadgeMellowYellowMondayBadgeThis was my lunch at the Baker's Hill in Puerto Princesa City during our city tour. The meat was so tender and yummy! The picture below is my husband's choice.
The food was great and we didn't wait too long for the food to be served! Happy Mellow Yellow Monday!

Mar 10, 2011

Litratong Pinoy: Kayumanggi

Ang galing talaga ng mga nilikha ng Diyos! May kakayahan silang ipagtanggol ang sarili nila kahit anung liit nila. Halimbawa ay ang mga insektong ito sa ibaba na kulay kayumanggi at hindi mo aakalaing may buhay. Mukha lamang silang sanga ng mga tayong kahoy o dahon. Natuwa ako ng makita ko ang mga insektong ito sa Butterfly Garden sa Puerto Princesa nuon lamang nakaraang linggo.Naalala ko naman ang A Bugs Life!

Ang nasa itaas na ito ay tinatawag na Dead-Leaf Mantis. Sa unang tingin, hindi mo din siya makikita hindi ba? Mayroon ding iba pang hayop katulad ng scorpion, beetle at iba sa Butterfly Garden.

Mar 8, 2011

Ruby Tuesday: Butterfly Garden

Here are some of the pictures that I took during our City tour in Puerto Princesa City where the Butterfly Garden is one of the itineraries. I love this flower that looks like vertical blinds. I wasn't able to catch any good picture of butterflies because my camera is not that great. I hope I can buy a new camera soon so I can take better pictures!
Here is one shot with a butterfly on it. Can you spot it? The place looks so peaceful and there were really lots of butterflies and other insects as well. There were scorpions, beetles, mantis and centipedes. They should rename it insect garden too!
Happy Ruby Tuesday!

Mar 7, 2011

Honda Bay Tour

The Honda Bay Tour was the activity for our third day at Puerto Princesa. We were picked up from the pension inn at 8 am and we were at the Honda Bay Wharf at 9 am. We traveled for 20 minutes to our first stop, the Pambato Reef where we fed some beautiful fishes and where we were not allowed to step on the corals. I find it a really great experience because swimming in salt water is said to remove psoriasis and other skin blemishes. I am not sure how it works, but I wish that my legs would look better after being submerged for the whole day! We went to Pandan Island for our lunch and while feeding the fishes, I was bitten by one very territorial fish! My husband kept on saying that I will soon turn into a mermaid very soon! I also get to sample the crabs that made me got to Palawan. We bought a kilo for P350 including the cooking charge. The other couple shared it with us but I get to eat more than half! I don't think I can eat anymore crabs for the whole year! Anyway, I will soon blog about our Honda Bay experience once we get to Manila!

Mellow Yellow Monday: Baker's Hill


This is one of the beautiful flower arrangements at the Baker's Hill in Puerto Princesa City. I don't know if its just me, but the middle looks like a butterfly! They have a very beautiful garden where I think it would be cool to have some online guitar lessons. It is really peaceful there and there are lots of interesting decors like the dinosaurs, the Pirates and even crocodiles. They also have a playground for kids and flower and plant garden for adults. They have swings and chairs for relaxation. They also sell delicious bakery items like hopia which we didn't get to try because we ate lunch at their restaurant. They also serve local snacks like banana cue, bibingka, halo halo and even ice scramble! Bakers Hill is one of the itineraries when you do a city tour of Puerto Princesa and it should be because the place is really beautiful. It is like Sonya's Garden in Tagaytay, but not quite because they have more interesting decors here. We especially love having our pictures taken with Marilyn Monroe and the dwarfs too! I will post more pictures here once we get home and my husband is not bothering me pack already as we have a flight to catch, ha ha.

Palawan Vacation!

I am currently on the last day of my four day vacation in Puerto Princesa. I was able to get really cheap tickets from Cebu Pacific's seat sale last year, only P594 for both me and my husband. And we spend some P8000 for our package tour here, which included 3 nights accommodation, Underground river tour and Honda Bay tour. I am now off to the public market to look for stuff we can bring home and I am already wondering how to pack our stuff! I am too bad at packing and storage that I can only imagine what a Storage Leicester would look like should I get one! Souvenir shirts are cheaper in Boracay but crabs are said to be cheap here. Our youngest daughter loves crab so we will try to bring her home some. Pearls are also cheap but I already have some from Boracay so I wont be buying anything else. We bought a souvenir item from Iwahig Penal Colony, those ships that are inside bottles, because I always admired the craftsmanship involved. I hope to be blogging about our Puerto Princesa trip some more in the next few days, because my husband is now motioning for me to get a move on!

Mar 6, 2011

My First Google Adsense Check

No, I have not yet received my first Google Adsense payment and I have been blogging since 2007! That is 3 years and five blogs and no check! But Im very near my first payment because I already have 90-something dollars on my account. This actually made me think if pay per click services will help speed up the process. The problem is, I have no idea how it works and I might end up paying more that I could probably earn. I guess the most prudent thing to do would be to write more interesting and helpful contents and hope that more people will visit this blog. I also do not want to do anything that might ban my ads because I find those google ads part of this blog too! Good thing that I do earn from other sources like paid ads and that is enough for me to continue blogging. I have already bought a camera from blogging and it helped pay for the laptop too! My next target in saving up my blog earnings is to buy that DLSR camera that both my hudband and I have been salivating about. I hope I can already receive my first google check before our August Cebu trip!

Mar 3, 2011

Litratong Pinoy: Bughaw

Sadyang napakaganda ng langit sa panahon ng aming pamamasyal sa mga isla ng Coron. At kuha ang larawang ito sa isa na yata sa pinakamagandang isla na nakita ko roon. Kulay bughaw ang langit at gayundin ang mga bundo at nasasalamin ito ng payapang dagat.
Modelo ko sa larawang ito ang aking kaibigang si Vangie, na katulad ko ay mangng-mangha sa ganda ng asul na langit!

Mar 1, 2011

My Airport Photos: Domestic Travel 2007-2010

My husband and I have traveled to several domestic destinations since 2007. Our first travel was in October 2007 when we went to Boracay with our closest friends. Here is my husband posing for pictures after his first plane ride while we were at the Kalibo International Airport.
I went back to Boracay the following year with my officemates for our planning and teambuilding activity. This time, we landed at the Caticlan Airport.The year 2008 was very memorable for us because it was our first time to travel as a family. The two other families we were supposed to travel with were not able to make it. It was the kid's first time to ride a plane at it was really very exciting for us all! We had so much fun and the kids are still telling stories of that trip until now!My husband and I went back to Tagbilaran June of 2009. It was for a re-booked ticket which my boss gave me. We were able to visit lots of old churches in Bohol. We were also to spend a day in Panglao Island Nature Resort, a very chi-chi resort, ha ha!The year 2010 was also a very wonderful year for us in terms of travel. We were able to go to Boracay as a family again, and this time with my mother and sister and my mother in law! It was very memorable because it was the first time for my mother and younger sister, and Boracay at that!
Then October last year, we went on a memorable trip to one of the most beautiful places in the Philippines: Coron, Palawan. And we will go back to Palawan this week too, this time at Puerto Princesa.So, those are my airport pictures to chronicle my domestic travel for three years. Because of the frequent seat sale of Cebu Pacific, my husband made me promise to book only one travel per year with the family and one travel for the two of us. Ha ha, I sometimes get to excited over these sale that I book as many as I can. We even have a ticket to CDO this March that we wont be able to take because it is our daughter's graduation. So far, I have seen lots of beautiful places in the Philippines and I want to see more. But I want to travel outside of the country before I turn 35 and we might just be able to do that this December, wink wink!