May 30, 2011

My First Adsense Payment is Finally Here!

Perfect timing too for additional expenses for the opening of classes and my mom's fare from Samar! Thanks Google Adsense!

May 27, 2011

Friday Quotes

"Give every day the chance to become the most beautiful day in your life."

May 24, 2011

Ruby Tuesday: Flowers

A nice table centerpiece makes for a hearty meal! And that yellow flower is a nice touch too!
Happy Ruby Tuesday!

Mellow Yellow Monday:Mangoes


These are the Indian mangoes that we ate last Sunday when we went to a fiesta in Batangas. They were so fresh and really delicious, just right out of the tree!

And with this bagoong, what more can you ask for!

May 19, 2011

"What are the things/situations that would make you feel like levitating?"


I am joining Levy's amazing contest and here is my answer to the question, "What are the things/situations that would make you feel like levitating?"

First and foremost, my life is defined by who I am right now, a wife and a mother. I would do anything and everything in my power to give my husband and my kids the best of me! I would walk over burning charcoals and over live wires if and when they need me. I would throw away everything and anything for them. I do not want a career, nor fame, nor money if the trade off is an unhappy family. So what makes me feel like levitating? My family and their happiness! And everything else is just gravy!
These pictures were taken July last year when we all went to Boracay. It was one of those rare times for us when everything aligned: Cebu Pacific seat sale, cheap accommodations, and bonus for pocket money and expenses and we were able to pull off a famiyl trip for 8. It was quite a feat, considering that we do not always have extra money for travel. And this vacation will be forever etched in our hearts because of the happy times and joyous moments! It really made us levitate off the ground!

Thanks for this contest, Levy! I really enjoyed answering this one! So goodluck to all of those who joined this contest and have Levytating!

LEVYtate and WIN a total of $500 worth of CASH and PRIZES!


Did the title made you take a second look too! Yes, the prizes are that huge and that crazy! So join Levy's contest now!
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May 18, 2011

Watery Wednesday: Green Team

These are my husband's nephews Sean and Angelo and my son Danniel. They are the green team, also known as our Squidwards!
Taken during our super fun swimming party!

May 17, 2011

Ruby Tuesday: Roller Coaster

Call me a coward, but you cant have me ride a roller coaster! I love myself too much to have fun while riding in this crazy ride! Yeah I know. I am such a baby. My 10 year old nieces and nephews told me so too!
And they even call this a mini-roller coaster! I dont think I want to know what a big one would make me feel!

May 16, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday: Jeepney


Can you please look past my cousin here and my sister below and just admire the beauty of the Philippine Jeepney? Its the most common mode of public transportation here in my country.
They are also hired very cheaply here, especially when you do not have your own vehicle and you have to bring your whole family.
We hired this jeepney during my daughter's swimming party! I just dont get it why my sister and cousin chose to pose here when there were lots of better spot for picture taking! Ha ha!

May 12, 2011

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

It's Wednesday and the best time of the week to count our blessings! Happiness is:
1. The super fun birthday party of Ishi at Bosay Resort. I just cant get over how happy my daughter was and I know that she will always remember her 7th birthday!
2. Being with the whole family, including my husband's siblings and their family and enjoying the day.
3. The kids are going to be enrolled in one school and their assessment is done. Just need to pay and they are enrolled. Despite the high cost of sending them to school, I am just thankful that we can still afford it.
4. My mother for being the best mother in the world!
5. Being a mother.
6. A very supportive husband.
7. Company loans and cooperative loans. Hay, enough said.
8. The rainy weather last Sunday. Otherwise, all of us would be sun-burned!
9. Our van. Ha ha, now we can travel more!
10. Having a job in these hard times.

For credits on the image and to see how this started, see here.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

May 11, 2011

Watery Wednesday: Fly Shot

We love doing jump shots but we wanted to try something new too! So here is my nephew, JR, doing a "fly shot"during Ishi's swimming party at Bosay Resort last Sunday. I was very lucky to capture this shot because it was raining and our cameras were inside a plastic bag. I took it out just to take this shot!

Happy Watery Wednesday!

May 10, 2011

Robinson's 3-Day Sale

This coming weekend, do your back to school shopping at Robinsons Malls as they once again give us the 3-day sale! Starting on a midnight sale on Friday, May 13 and then weekends too, be sure to bring your cash and cards to get those great deals!
You will be sure to find me there looking for shoes and bags for my kiddos!

May 9, 2011

Peanut Butter and Banana Cheese Sandwich


This was my snack this afternoon at the office, a peanut butter and banana cheese sandwich. I didn't order any food and just ate a banana and a cup of oatmeal for lunch because I was too full from yesterday's swimming party. But when my friends saw me eating just that, they gave me an big banana and another gave me a cheese bread! Then I remember that I have a peanut butter bottle in the office, waiting to be brought home and Voila! Everything clicked and it was so good!
What a Happy Mellow Yellow Monday it turned out to be!

May 5, 2011

Happy 7th Birthday, Ishi!

To the sweetest daughter in the whole world, it will be seven years ago tomorrow when I first held you in my arms and experienced the inexplicable joy of having a daughter. Your Dad fell in love with you that very first moment too and you have since held him in your heart and on the palm of your hands, ha ha. Everyday of my life I want nothing but to give you a happy childhood, something that I didn't have. I may be too strict at times and less patient than I should be, but please know that I love nothing more in this world than you and your brothers!
Happy birthday my sweet, sweet daughter and I wish you will be extra happy on your special day! I love you very much!

May 4, 2011

Watery Wednesday: Sunday at Green Nature Resort

We were resort-a-hunting since last week and Green Nature Resort in San Mateo, Rizal was one of our many choices. And this was how the resort looked like last Sunday! The pool was packed and there were lots of tables and make-shift cottages under trees and corners! We were supposed to pay for a reserved cottage but I had second thoughts because of how crowded it looked! It was a far cry from how we liked the resort last May 2008!

We also checked the shower room at around noon and it was not a pleasant sight either! So we ended up choosing Bosay Resort in Antipolo as our venue for my daughter's birthday.

May 3, 2011

Ruby Tuesday: Red Swing

We were resort-hunting last Holy Week for my daughter's 7th birthday party this Friday and this was one of those we visited. My daughter loved the place but unfortunately, the place was reserved for a wedding on Sunday.
Love this swing anyway!

Enrollment Woes

It is enrollment time again and I am thankful that my kids are still in elementary and high school because while their tuition fees will cost us and arm and a leg, we are still able to manage. I still have 2 years to save on my eldest college tuition and 8 more years for my second son! I really can relate to those parents who do not know where they might get the money for the kids schooling. While we have the tuition fees covered, we still dont have enough funds for their books and uniforms. Good thing that several more paydays will pass before the start of classes so i hope we can scrape enough by then. I feel so sorry for my office mate who is sending her daughter to nursing school and cant find decent nursing scrubs within her already tight budget! So I told her to try and see if anything will fit her budget in this site: My office mate is not complaining but I know that a little help can go a long way for her and even decent and modestly priced nursing scrub uniforms will be a great help! And good thing that her daughter really works hard in her education too!

May 2, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday: A Yellow Family


Labor Day weekend was spend by the family at the Quezon Memorial Circle. Please excuse the bulges, but my family looks all mellow yellow here, don't you think?
Have a happy week everyone!