Jun 21, 2011

Ruby Tuesday: Tarsier

One of the attractions of Bohol province is the viewing of the nearly-endangered Tarsiers. They are nocturnal primates which are just around 4-5 inches and can feet easily in your palms. They are now endangered and according to our guide, the local government issues permits for public display of these animals to protect them. One such place is the Rio Verde Tarsier Place which we visited. There was no entrance fee, but a box for donation can be found in the place.
Tarsiers are nocturnal animals and care must be observed when taking pictures of them. There are reminders to keep the flash of the camera off to protect their eyes, and the guests are requested to keep their noise to a minimum. We were also advised not to touch these animals.
Some of the reminders for guests are quiet visible below.
Just look at the cuddly animal, trying to sleep despite the presence of guests!
To read more about the Bohol Tarsiers, please check out the link.


  1. Wonderful little cute animal.

  2. Very cute!
    They sure do have amazing 'fingers and toes'. :)

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  3. What a little fellow and it have wonderfull eyes. ;-) Good morning from Finland and thanks for visiting at my site Kuusela - Pekka -

  4. They are so cute, I love the face. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh my goodness...this is so cool!! What an interesting creature and so darned cute too. Thanks for the education...sweet.

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  6. they have the most amazing eyes
    I'm glad steps are being taken to protect them

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  8. Gorgeous captures! Di pa ako nakakakita nyan sis.

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  9. Very interesting post with lovely shots of very funny critters!
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