Jul 25, 2011

Dinner at Jay-J's Inasal

We had dinner last week at Jay-J's Inasal at Metrowalk to celebrate Rona's birthday. It was just me, Rona and Ehms: girl bonding time. We were supposed to eat at Marina, but it was closed when we got there so we ended up eating at Jay-J's. This picture below of the outlet is from their website. Since Rona is pregnant, we opted to sit inside but it was hot.
Since we didnt know their specialty, we were not sure what to order. We ordered Bulalo, Crispy Crablets and Ginataang Seafoods. The Bulalo serving was generous and the soup tasted great and the veggies were cooked just right. Unfortunately, the meat was tough.
Another look at the Bulalo.
The Ginataang Seafoods looks great on the poster and this was what we had on our table. The serving was small and it was way too oily. There were a couple of shrimps, mussels and a squid and it was swimming in oil from the coconut. It was good, except for the oily part.
If ever there was a reason why I would recommend Jay-J's Inasal, it would be this generous serving of Crispy Crablets. It was really crispy and perfect with the vinegar dipping sauce!
So all in all, the food at Jay-J's Inasal was okay but not that memorable. I was there with great friends and the quality of the conversation more than made up for the quality of food. I could have been eating cardboard and still would not complain if only because I was eating with friends!


  1. Love your thoughts about the value of dining with friends! Glad you enjoyed your time out!

  2. Mukhang masarap dyan ah.

    Have a fabulous week.

    Liz @ MLC