Oct 11, 2011

Pirates and Indians!

One of the biggest all time villain known to kids is Captain Hook as the evil pirate in Peter Pan and even my kids were not safe from him!
And my Danniel posing as another Indian!
More photos from our Star City Family day!


  1. Haven't been to Star City in a long time. Sarap maging kid ngayon ano? Daming choices na puntahan :)

    P.S. Natawa ako sa comment mo about sa lumpia and sukang sawsawan post ko. My sister is into maanghang na suka these days. Ako naman sa sweet chili sauce. Thanks for the comment, sis!

  2. Ay may ganyan na sa Star City? Tagal ko na di nakakapunta don :)

  3. Oh! Fun shots!
    thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor) linked w/RT