Dec 30, 2011

Glorious Street Food!

These are just some of the street food at Greenhills Shopping Center when we went there for our wedding anniversary and family dinner!
Delicious street food and easy on the budget too!

Dec 29, 2011

Litratong Pinoy: Tapos

Tapos na ang inuman, pag tulog na ang kalaban! Heto po ang larawan ng aking asawa at kaibigan naming si Paul nuong nakaraang linggo na nag-party kami para sa Pasko. Puyat kasi sila, galing din sa overnight swimming at party sa opisina. E maaga ang salo-salo namin ng linggo, kaya hayun, ng mabusog, tulog!
At kapag ka daw nga ikaw ang may hawak ng camera, hala kuha lang ng kuha!
Pero malamang, kapag nakita nila ang post na ito, Tapos din ako, ha ha ha!

Dec 27, 2011

Merry ChristmASIAN Celebration

The theme of our company's Christmas party was Asian-inspired and we came dressed in Chinese costumes to support the performers from our building. And there were photo booths and free internet access at the registration counter. And there was also this big backdrop which was perfect for picture taking!
And what fun we had taking our pictures!

Dec 26, 2011

ChristmASIAN Party!

The theme for our company's annual Christmas party is Asian-inspired and the ladies on our floor decided to come in traditional Chinese costumes. We look Chinese enough, don't we? I am the one in the middle and my costume looks different because I just borrowed it from a friend.
We look very colorful! Happy Mellow Yellow Monday everyone!

Dec 25, 2011

Thank You, This is My Life!

I won $3o from This is My Life's Holiday giveaway! Wow, this has really been a wonderful Christmas for me and my kindle fund is once again alive :) Merry Christmas everyone and thank you, Liz!

Thank you, GagayMD!

I joined GagayMD's page rank and birthday giveaway last November 22 and was very happy when I opened my email today because I won one of the second prize of $50! What a wonderful Christmas present! Thank you GagayMD and more power to your blog!

Dec 15, 2011

Go Kart, Go Safety!

One can never be too careful even when having fun! These safety signs for Go Kart drivers and even for pedestrians and on lookers abound at the Pedal and Paddle.
The sign below is huge and one cannot ignore it!
If one does, he will do so in his own peril :)

Dec 14, 2011

I am Joining Before I Turn 25's Mini Giveaway!

I am joining Before I Turn 25's mini giveaway and you should too! All you have to do is:

A. Follow this blog thru Google Friend Connect. (MANDATORY. 1 pt.)
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C. You have to answer the questions : What entry in this blog did you like most and why? & What improvement would you like to see here in the next year? (2 pts.)
and lastly,
D. Post about my mini giveaway in your blog. (+5 points)
After finishing this steps, leave a comment with the following details:
1. your full name
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3. Answers to letter B
3. GFC & Twitter usernames and the blog post link.

So join and win those awesome prizes!

Thank You, MarriageandBeyond!

I am so happy today I received the Sennheiser MX 400 Powerful Bass-Driven Stereo Sound Earphones that Iwon from Marriage and Beyond's 4th Anniversary Giveaway! This is actually only my third time to won something from a contest and so I am very happy about it! And I have never won cash, just a t-shirt and slippers from other contest before. So thanks again Marriage and Beyond and more power to your website!

Life is A Beach

A scenic view of a beach in Subic. I am very busy at work right now but just looking at this scene makes me feel relaxed. Sigh, I wish I was relaxing in a beach right now!
Life is a beach!

Dec 13, 2011

Christmas is in the Malls!

Christmas is indeed for kids and last week, we went to a mall for some family bonding. We also wanted to check out how the malls are decorated for the holidays and we were delighted to see that they went all out for the kid's enjoyment! Here is a jolly snowman where my kids gamely posed. In real life, you can never make a snowman in a tropical country like the Philippines, ha ha! And here is my little girl posing with one of Santa's little elves!
And here she is again with some Santa in various poses!
And with a giant Santa Bear!
Wow, the malls are decked with Christmas decors and the kids were happy to feel that Christmas is really very near! I just wish the parents feel the same way too, ha ha!

Dec 12, 2011

Desserts Galore!

Eating at YakiMIX was a fun experience but the dessert made the experience extra special! I love the ice cream more so after I have generously sprinkled chocolates all over!
The gummy bears and the pastries are yummy!
And this third or maybe fourth dessert plate is just about awesome!
Yep, diet was officially cancelled and dessert was the order of the day! The holidays have officially started! Happy Monday everyone!

Dec 9, 2011

Unpaid Earnings from Blogbank

I was cleaning my drawer this morning when I came upon a list of internet advertising sites where I have signed up and when I logged on to BlogBank, I saw that I have earnings that I haven't been paid until now. I cant remember if there was a minimum payment required and if there ir, I obviously didn't make it, but since Blog Bank is inactive now, they should have paid me before they shut down, right?
That happened with Inpostlinks or some other which is now Social Spark. Even though I didn't have the $50 minimum payout requirement, they still sent me the money, less the processing fee from Paypal.
Anybody out there paid or not paid by Blogbank?

Update: I also emailed doctors(at) to inquire about the payment and the reply was 'Yes. We are liquidating all the payments.' I asked again how and when and I am yet to receive a reply.

Dec 8, 2011

Pakyaw Deal for Elarz Lechon : The Best!

I bought 4 Pakyaw vouchers for P99 each at Elarz Lechon and I can say that it was the best deal ever! The deal was P99 only for 2 set of lechon meals. And I for the price of P49.50, we enjoyed lunch of lechon and rice good for one, complete with soft drinks! The set meal was really enough for one person and the lechon was really very good! Really great deal! Claiming the voucher was also very easy. I just gave my voucher to the lady on the counter and she made me sign a list and then she shouted to the kitchen, 'Pakyaw, apat' and voila, the guy got a part from the lechon below and chopped it and in a while, our take out was ready!
Just look at the lechon above and I can tell you that the skin was as crispy as it looked and the meat was very good too! I am really not a fan of lechon but this is the second time that I have tasted a lechon from Elarz and I always liked it.
They also offer other meals like dinuguan, bopis and chicken and their store in Quezon Ave has a small dining area for guests. I think a bulk of their business is via delivery of this tasty lechon.

I took a photo of this whole lechon before we left the store.
If you are interested in ordering Elarz lechon, please call their number. Its really one of the best lechon's I have tasted so far!

Dec 7, 2011

Boat Station at QC Memorial Circle

One of the newest attraction at the QC Memorial Circle was this boat station and P140 for a 30-minute ride for 5 of us was worth it! It was very calming and there were such nice things to see like this frog at the center of the lake.
Too cute! We love to circle by this part and I must have taken more than 10 pictures!
Nice for Watery Wednesday post!

Dec 6, 2011

Sunday at the Park

We spent last Sunday at the QC Memorial Circle for some fun and exercise and we had loads of both! And there were lots of blue to see too! First to greet us for our morning run was the monument where lots of people were already running and walking. There were also people playing badminton, dancing and biking.This part of the park is where my kids love the most: its the playground!
And of course, I had to take their photo of them at one of the blue play areas!Even I had fun playing bubbles! Can you see the blue reflection of the bubbles?
And I just to take a photo of the angry birds balloon. Good thing there was a blue one there!
It was a happy and fun-filled Sunday for the family at the park!

Dec 5, 2011

Mellow Yellow: My First Born

Here is my first born, Drexelle who at thirteen is still a baby for me. Of course, I cant let him hear me say it because he is now a teenager, according to him.
How time flies! I am lucky to be able to spend time with my kids and see them grow up. I just wish that they enjoy those moments as much as I do!