Jan 19, 2012

Walgreens Prescription Savings Club

This post brought to you by Walgreens. All opinions are 100% mine.

There are several things on my New Year's resolutions list, but only two takes priority over the rest: my family's health and our finances.  And I am just glad that I found out about Walgreens Prescription Savings Club because it addresses both of my concerns in  just one fell swoop!

Would you believe that for only $10, the whole family can enjoy a whole range of prescription discounts for the whole year!  The membership will cover the spouse and the kids and even pets!  And since my kids are aged 13, 9 and 7 and are all still taking shots, I will also be able to avail  of great discounts!  My husband who has maintenance medications will also greatly benefit from the membership to the Walgreens Prescription Savings Club because we will also get savings on more than 8,000 brand name and all generic medicines! And since the weather is unpredictable and its best everybody get a flu shot and be ready with nebules and nebulizer for those persistent cough, I get to enjoy discounts for them as well.  Wow this is indeed a great way to save and ensure the good health of my family for this New Year!

I enjoin you to support Walgreens and stay updated on their great offerings by liking them on Facebook, Walgreens on Facebook and following them on Twitter, Walgreens on Twitter!  I know I would!

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Weekday Potluck: Spicy Shrimp

It was my first time to cook this Spicy Shrimp dish last noche buena and boy, was it a success! My family is talking about it until now. It has that perfect balance between spiciness and sweetness, without overpowering the taste of the shrimp. I wish I can cook this dish again and achieve the same result, ha ha.
And this is brought to you by this hungry, dieting blogger on a sleepy Thursday afternoon! I want to eat this now, with hot steaming rice, and a glass of ice-cold Coke! Now, that is a fun way to cure this Thursday sluggishness :)

Jan 18, 2012

Clarin Ancestral House, Bohol

The Clarin Ancestral House is located in Loay, Bohol. It was our next stop after visiting the Loay Church, during our 2nd trip to Bohol in 2009 when we visited old churches of Bohol, the Punta Cruz watch tower and where I first rode a habal-habal!
As in any old houses, the Clarin Ancestral House has seen better days and would have benefited from a professional restoration. But at P20 entrance fee, I doubt that they can pay for that kind of upkeep. But at least, we still get to see how our ancestors lived some 100 years ago!The Clarin family are prominent politicians from the province of Bohol, like municipal mayors, governors and senators from way back.
I love this big mirror but I wouldn't want this in my house because scenes from horror movies keeps on replaying inside my head! But I love that poster bed and the high ceilinged rooms and I can feel that it was very much cooler inside the house. I just wish we can still afford to build houses like these.There are old stuff to see like urinals made of porcelain, cuspidor or spittoon(eww!), old armchairs, religious relics and kitchen stuff and this porcupine! In one of the bedrooms, there was also a hidden exit under the bed, in case one has to make a quick escape! My husband and I posed at this table where a picture of Kris Aquino and her son Josh was displayed, taken when they visited the house.
There is also the Cafe Olegario, which I can see from the pictures on display, was named after Olegario Clarin. The garden looks so peaceful and inviting, we didnt want to leave!
But we didnt get to try any food at the Cafe because our habal-habal was waiting to bring us to Loboc Church and Loboc Museum. It was really fun visiting ancestral homes and dreaming of life much simpler and more comfortable for our ancestors. I just wish that more of our younger generations learn from them somehow.

Jan 16, 2012

Yellow Sto. Niño

These are just some of the colorful yellow Sto. Niño's that were part of the procession yesterday in celebration of the Feast of the Sto. Niño. It was a very joyful procession since everybody was happy as a child!
We were dancing to the tune of the drums and there was an ati-atihan right behind us!
Even those who were not part of the procession were waving their Sto. Niño's along with the dancing crowd.
It was our first time to join a Sto. Niño procession as a family and it was indeed a wonderful experience!

Jan 12, 2012

The Food and Travel Buff Giveaway!

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Mukhang Pera's Toast to 2012

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Jan 10, 2012

Punta Cruz Watch Tower

We went to visit Bohol for the second time in June 2009 and one of the places that we visited was the Punta Cruz Watch Tower in Maribojoc in Bohol. We rode a habal-habal because we wanted to visit as much old church as we can and since we were already in Maribojoc, our driver/tour guide/photographer made sure we see this place. The National Historical Institute sign at the Punta Cruz Watch Tower reads:
Ipinatayo ng mga paring Recoletos sa patronato ni San Vicente Ferrer laban sa pagsalakay ng mga piratang Moro, 1796. Yari sa korales na may hugis tatsulok sa unang palapag at heksagonal sa ikalawang palapag. Naligtas sa pagkasira noong digmaang Filipino-Amerikano at ikalawang digmaang pandaigdig ng sunugin ng mga puwersang Hapones ang bayan ng Maribojoc, 1944. Halimbawa ng arkitekturang militar noong panahan ng mga Espanyol at bantayog sa kahusayan ng mga lokal na artisano. Ipinahayag na pambansang palatandaang pangkasaysayan, 2009.

There are Spanish writings on the wall, this one below says Castillo des Vicente.This next sign says Ora Pnobis Cf, I think and I think it means pray for us. But please correct me if I'm wrong.
Here is yours truly at the top of the watch tower.
And this is yours truly enjoying the beautiful view of the waters around from atop the watch tower.

I already have made several posts about the Churches of Bohol and since the Punta Cruz Watch Tower was our first stop during our church visits way back in June 2008, I thought it should be part of those posts.

Watch Towers. Its More Fun In the Philippines

Punta Cruz Watch Tower in Bohol. All photos are mine, made into More Fun In the Philippines meme by morefunmaker.com

Jan 9, 2012

To Be a Child!

A child reminds us that play is an essential part of our life. No matter how old we become, we must never forget how to become a child.
To see beauty in everything! A reason to laugh for nothing! A smile for everything.
And be involve in life and see it with great wonder!
To be a child is to see life with eyes full of wonder, trusting the future with all its innocence and love.

Jan 4, 2012

Water Ball

We were at the Circle of Fun in QC Memorial Circle last January 1 to celebrate the first day of the year. Entrance to the park was P40 and rides cost around P30-P50. But this is the ride that my kids loved most! We waited in line for some 30-45 minutes for a 5-minute fun inside the water ball. Seeing their happy faces, it was worth the money and the wait!
They had fun chasing each other and trying to see who can go to the other side faster. When it was too much, they would just lie on the ball and soak in the fun!
I actually envy them and wanted to try the waterball for myself but there was an age and height limit, ha ha.

Jan 3, 2012

Red is Wicked!

Red is Wicked, just like what my son's shirt says! And since this is my first post for Ruby Tuesday, I want to greet you all a wickedly fun and amazing New Year! May your year be filled with a lot of reasons to be happy and blessed! I am sharing with you my family and the joy that we had welcoming the first day of the year together! It was wicked!
Happy 2012 everyone! Lets make things happen, and make things right :)

Jan 2, 2012

In 2012, I Will Change for the Better!

In 2012, I will change for the better! And this year, my main target is my finances. I will try and be debt-free this year! I will only spend what I have on hand and will not take out a loan unless absolutely necessary. I will only travel after I have saved enough money for it and I will only buy when I have cash on hand allotted for that specific purchase. I will make it a habit to use cash as much as possible.
I will change for the better, just like the Krem-Top ad says. And I am truly inspired to make this a reality!
Welcome 2012! Here is to a productive and blessed New Year!