Jan 4, 2012

Water Ball

We were at the Circle of Fun in QC Memorial Circle last January 1 to celebrate the first day of the year. Entrance to the park was P40 and rides cost around P30-P50. But this is the ride that my kids loved most! We waited in line for some 30-45 minutes for a 5-minute fun inside the water ball. Seeing their happy faces, it was worth the money and the wait!
They had fun chasing each other and trying to see who can go to the other side faster. When it was too much, they would just lie on the ball and soak in the fun!
I actually envy them and wanted to try the waterball for myself but there was an age and height limit, ha ha.


  1. what a cool idea....looks like fun...

  2. Now THAT's a great WW post!! Looks like a lot of fun, too!

  3. wow! this looks very fun! i want to try this...