Apr 26, 2012

My Eyelash Extension Experience at Pan Pacific Aesthetic Institute

We bought 3 vouchers from Metrodeal for semi-permanent eyelash extension at Pan Pacific Aesthetic Institute for only P199 each. This was the first time that me and my friends would do this in the name of beauty, ha ha. Before we bought this, we heard some horror stories about how bad it was and not worth the hassle. One of my friends already changed her mind and the other had to do it before me. Rona love her eyelashes and I gave my extra voucher to my sister.  The picture above shows me after they did my right eyelashes! And oh yes, I love it too!
So, how is the procedure? First, they put some tape on the lower lid to prevent the glue from sticking on the lashes there. Then they will glue the lashes to your existing lashes.  You have a choice of small, medium and large and I choose medium.  You can see on the first image the lashes that the girl was picking.  You have to close your eyes the whole time, until after you're done, which is maybe a little more than 1 hour.  Once dry, you can already open your eyes and admire your long and beautiful lashes!  Mine really was noticeable and everyone loved it.  The only thing is that you shouldn't rub your eyes to make the lashes stay longer.  It can stay from two weeks to two months, depending on how you took care of it.  It was difficult not to scratch my eyes, especially when bathing, but I soon mastered it.  Still, there are instances when I felt that my lids were too heavy and the lashes were getting in the way.  But on a scale of 1-5, 5 being the highest, I give my new semi-permanent eyelashes a 5 because it really made me look a lot better!  Since its only been two weeks since my treatment, I will just update this post later on whether my own lashes really did fall off, or on how this lasted.  Again, I loved it!

Oh, and Pan Pacific Aesthetic Institute was small and the treatment area was small too.  But I had a schedule and was put on the table right on time so I am not complaining. Wish they get a bigger space though.

Apr 23, 2012

Mellow Yellow Monday: Pinakbet Ilocano

We had our family outing last month because my sister in law and her husband went home for a vacation from Qatar.  They rented Vicky Boy resort for the day and we had fun eating, swimming and Karaoke singing.  One of the most memorable dishes for me was this Pinakbet Ilocano that my mother in law prepared.  The meat and vegetables were cooked just right and the dish went well with all the grilled food!

Pinakbet Ilocano
You can see below that it was such a fun-filled family day for all of us, adults and kids alike!
Family Outing 2012
Hope to eat more food and have more fun before the summer ends!

Apr 11, 2012

Vicky Boy Resort, Montalban

We rented Vicky Boy Resort in Montalban last April 9 for a family outing. It was the newest resort among the resorts we visited in Montalban for ocular. It was a holiday, and for P6,500 for an 8-5pm day swimming, we thought it was a steal. That comes with a free use of the karaoke too. The resort is new and there is an ongoing construction of the rooms. There are 3 pools: one adult, one kiddie and one that is also a jacuzzi. But the entrance fee is P75.
The kids enjoyed the jacuzzi, as well as the adults!
Below are the cottages and on the right side, the water falls. When the falls is on, the jacuzzi is turned off but we can request to turn it anytime instead of the falls.
Below are the restrooms and shower rooms. I guess this resort is really just perfect for a private swimming rental because there is no way a group of more than fifty people can fit in there!

We liked the resort a lot and we enjoyed ourselves. The caretaker sells ice, chips, sodas and beer. But you can bring your own as well. They charge also a small fee for electrical equipments like rice cooker and electric fan, but they did waive the fee for us. We are sure to come and visit the resort again soon.

Vicky Boy Resort
Dao St, San Jose Montalban
look for Zeny Mauricio
0921 2334669 or 941 4642

Villa Lucilla Resort, Montalban

Villa Lucilla Resort is one of the better resorts among the ones in Montalban that I visited last weekend when we resort-hunting for our family outing. It has 3 swimming pools, and the only one with a life guard! The attendants were also polite and attentive to our questions. The whole resort can be rented also for big functions. The entrance fee and cottage rentals are below:
Below is the kiddie pool. I love that there is at least for protection under the sun, however ineffective that is because the kids are sure to be staying in the pool the longest.
And here is the best thing about this resort I think: their commitment to safety. This is the only resort where I saw a life guard on his post! And those reminders to wash their feet before going into the pool makes sense!
This is the adult pool.
And the other pool on the other side.
Here are just some of the cottages beside the pool.
And one of the rest rooms and air conditioned rooms.
There is also this big pavilion for a big group of people.
Villa Lucilla Resort
Dao St. Montalban Rizal
579 2638/0932 9673229

Tres Marinas Resort, Montalban Rizal

Tres Marinas Resort is beside Kitty & Mark resort in San Jose, Montalban Rizal. Unfortunately, we were not allowed inside the resort to take pictures because they were already full and were not accepting any more guests when we went there. Anyway, the entrance fees to the resort are below:
Here are the pool rules and regulations and I wish these are being followed despite the volume of people in their resort.
Tres Marinas Resort
Molave St, Brgy Dao, San Jose, Montalban

Apr 8, 2012

Kitty and Mark Resort

Kitty & Mark Resort is located in Dao St., San Jose, Montalban Rizal. To go there, just alight at the San Jose Elementary School and ride a tricycle. Its in the same area as Blue Water Resort, Dado's Resort, Tres Marinas and Villa Lucilla, just some of the cheap swimming resorts in the area. Entrance fee is only P50 for adults and P30 for kids. Different rates apply for night and overnight swimming. We inquired for a private function, and the resort can be rented for P13k, for an 8-5 swimming. There are 3 pools and the shower rooms are adequate. It is also colder here than in the other resorts because there are trees and lots of covered areas.
This is the big adult pool in the middle.
There is a big wall with its rules and regulation, and I just wish people are reading and following them.
If we were not able to rent one resort in private, I would prefer to go swimming here because it is smaller but not too crowded because they were already refusing people and they put up a closed sign already. It means that they were really maintaining just the right number of people to be able to enjoy their resort.
The other adult pool.

Kitty & Mark Resort
Dao St, San Jose, Montalban Rizal
c/o Nanay Sabel

Apr 7, 2012

Cheap Resorts in Montalban, Rizal

I am making a list of just some of the cheap resorts and swimming pools you can visit when you are in Montalban, Rizal. To go to any of these resorts, just alight at the church in San Jose and San Jose Elementary School and take any of the tricycles there.

Will add more resort to the list as soon as I have pictures.

There is also Green Nature Resort in San Mateo that is very near Montalban.

Dado's Resort, Montalban Rizal

We went resort-hunting this morning for the venue of our family outing when we saw Dado's Resort. Since we were in our house in Montalban, we opted to walk from Dela Costa Homes in Rodriguez, Rizal to some of the resorts in San Jose. The resort is actually one the five resorts near Blue Water which we did not bother checking inside because there were just too many people waiting to go in. Entrance fee at Dado's Resort is P50 for adults while kids 3 feet and below are P30. Night swimming is P75 while overnight is P100. There are several cottages to choose from starting at P200. Here are just some of the photos that I took. There are 3 swimming pools and this one is a kiddie pool:
This one is another adult pool.
And this is the biggest pool.
Can you see how many people are there in the water?
Here are just some of the cottages.
The entrance fee is so cheap and I know that it is big come on to people who just want to cool their heads this summer. But if you want to get a good cottage, near the pools then please do come early because when we were there at 830am, there were just too many people already!
Dado's Resort
Dao St, San Jose Rodriguez Rizal
222 2781 or 389 8208

Apr 4, 2012

Watery Wednesday: Pinatubo Crater Lake

As we pause and take stock of our lives this season of Lent, remember the beauty of God's sacrifice and the wonders of His creation! Remember his love and love him all the more for it.Taken at Mt. Pinatubo crater lake. Beautiful!

Apr 2, 2012

A Chic-Boy Dinner Date

Last Friday, my husband and I had a dinner date at Chic Boy in Greenhills to celebrate my promotion at work. This was also a very belated wedding anniversary date last December when I told him I wanted to try the new Chic-Boy outlets. We are fans of inasal chicken and we have tried JT Manukan and Mang Inasal to our satisfaction. The experience at the Greenhills branch was a pleasant experience, save for a little surprise. We ordered one of their best sellers, the P99 chicken inasal, petso with unlimited rice and house soup. We added P25 for one bottomless iced tea, P35 for Ginisang Kangkong and P69 for Sinigang Na Salmon. It was very good, all of it and we really made good on the unlimited rice! The Chicken Inasal tasted way better than Mang Inasal or JT's. The chicken was tender and very tasty. There was also this toasted garlic that you can sprinkle to your hearts content and it was just too good too! I had no complaint with the food really and I know that I will be a loyal customer. I also ordered a halo-halo for P75 and save for the more than 18 minutes that it took them to serve the halo-halo, I had no other complaint. There was a generous scoop of ice cream, ube and lots more and there was this one turon to top it all up. I wanted to order turon separately but my stomach was groaning by this time. Unfortunately, while waiting for the halo-halo, a big cockroach took me by surprise! I was trying to catch a photo but I was also trying to avoid calling attention so I failed to take a picture! Good thing I am not afraid of cockroaches, unless it was flying!
So our dinner date at Chicboy was a wonderful experience and this is going to be a family affair from now on!