Apr 2, 2012

A Chic-Boy Dinner Date

Last Friday, my husband and I had a dinner date at Chic Boy in Greenhills to celebrate my promotion at work. This was also a very belated wedding anniversary date last December when I told him I wanted to try the new Chic-Boy outlets. We are fans of inasal chicken and we have tried JT Manukan and Mang Inasal to our satisfaction. The experience at the Greenhills branch was a pleasant experience, save for a little surprise. We ordered one of their best sellers, the P99 chicken inasal, petso with unlimited rice and house soup. We added P25 for one bottomless iced tea, P35 for Ginisang Kangkong and P69 for Sinigang Na Salmon. It was very good, all of it and we really made good on the unlimited rice! The Chicken Inasal tasted way better than Mang Inasal or JT's. The chicken was tender and very tasty. There was also this toasted garlic that you can sprinkle to your hearts content and it was just too good too! I had no complaint with the food really and I know that I will be a loyal customer. I also ordered a halo-halo for P75 and save for the more than 18 minutes that it took them to serve the halo-halo, I had no other complaint. There was a generous scoop of ice cream, ube and lots more and there was this one turon to top it all up. I wanted to order turon separately but my stomach was groaning by this time. Unfortunately, while waiting for the halo-halo, a big cockroach took me by surprise! I was trying to catch a photo but I was also trying to avoid calling attention so I failed to take a picture! Good thing I am not afraid of cockroaches, unless it was flying!
So our dinner date at Chicboy was a wonderful experience and this is going to be a family affair from now on!

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