Apr 26, 2012

My Eyelash Extension Experience at Pan Pacific Aesthetic Institute

We bought 3 vouchers from Metrodeal for semi-permanent eyelash extension at Pan Pacific Aesthetic Institute for only P199 each. This was the first time that me and my friends would do this in the name of beauty, ha ha. Before we bought this, we heard some horror stories about how bad it was and not worth the hassle. One of my friends already changed her mind and the other had to do it before me. Rona love her eyelashes and I gave my extra voucher to my sister.  The picture above shows me after they did my right eyelashes! And oh yes, I love it too!
So, how is the procedure? First, they put some tape on the lower lid to prevent the glue from sticking on the lashes there. Then they will glue the lashes to your existing lashes.  You have a choice of small, medium and large and I choose medium.  You can see on the first image the lashes that the girl was picking.  You have to close your eyes the whole time, until after you're done, which is maybe a little more than 1 hour.  Once dry, you can already open your eyes and admire your long and beautiful lashes!  Mine really was noticeable and everyone loved it.  The only thing is that you shouldn't rub your eyes to make the lashes stay longer.  It can stay from two weeks to two months, depending on how you took care of it.  It was difficult not to scratch my eyes, especially when bathing, but I soon mastered it.  Still, there are instances when I felt that my lids were too heavy and the lashes were getting in the way.  But on a scale of 1-5, 5 being the highest, I give my new semi-permanent eyelashes a 5 because it really made me look a lot better!  Since its only been two weeks since my treatment, I will just update this post later on whether my own lashes really did fall off, or on how this lasted.  Again, I loved it!

Oh, and Pan Pacific Aesthetic Institute was small and the treatment area was small too.  But I had a schedule and was put on the table right on time so I am not complaining. Wish they get a bigger space though.

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  1. lucky for you that they did well, coz i find pan pacific a big FRAUD. Because after purchasing an ipl that is unlimited for a year, whenever i call for a sched for ipl, they would tell me that their ipl machine is broken and not sure when it will be avail. and to top it all, their treatment room is recorded by cctv, so whenever you take off your clothes for treatment, they have a video.