Apr 11, 2012

Villa Lucilla Resort, Montalban

Villa Lucilla Resort is one of the better resorts among the ones in Montalban that I visited last weekend when we resort-hunting for our family outing. It has 3 swimming pools, and the only one with a life guard! The attendants were also polite and attentive to our questions. The whole resort can be rented also for big functions. The entrance fee and cottage rentals are below:
Below is the kiddie pool. I love that there is at least for protection under the sun, however ineffective that is because the kids are sure to be staying in the pool the longest.
And here is the best thing about this resort I think: their commitment to safety. This is the only resort where I saw a life guard on his post! And those reminders to wash their feet before going into the pool makes sense!
This is the adult pool.
And the other pool on the other side.
Here are just some of the cottages beside the pool.
And one of the rest rooms and air conditioned rooms.
There is also this big pavilion for a big group of people.
Villa Lucilla Resort
Dao St. Montalban Rizal
579 2638/0932 9673229


  1. how to go there? if we are from batasan hills? (commute) thank you po...

  2. can we rent it for a private? about 20 people including kids... how much? thanks

  3. maganda ba dito?

  4. May ihawan dyan?

  5. Bukas po ba itong resort sa Jan. 1, 2015 ?

  6. open po ba kayo kapag april ??? magkano po ang reservation ??

  7. bukas pa po ba ang resort nato?

  8. Magkano po entrance ng night swimming