May 31, 2012

A View From My Office

This is the view from our office. I look out the window and I already feel blessed for having this beautiful sight to behold. Nothing can hold a candle to nature's own beauty. On a good day, I can see up to the mountains of Mindoro and on the other side, the mountains of Cordillera. I also get to see the beautiful sunset of Manila Bay everyday.

Looking out, it always makes me feel blessed to witness such beauty! How's the view from your side of the world?

May 29, 2012

Ginataang Tulingan

We are from Batangas and one dish that we grow up with is Ginataang Tulingan.  And my brother-in-law, Kuya Mher makes a mean, and I mean mean ginataang tulingan.  We had this during Ishi's birthday celebration because it is my daughter's favorite, thanks to Kuya Mher.  You can see that it was prepared lovingly because it was specially cooked in a palayok.  I also know how to cook this dish, but Kuya Mher's version is a hundred  times better! 

Anyway, this is how to cook this. 

1. Get your fish cleaned.  It could be be tulingan or yellow fin tuna.
2. In a pot, put black pepper, ginger, kamyas, the fish and coconut milk together.
3. Put the fire on low and bring to a slow boil.
4. Put the coconut milk (kakang gata) and the finger chilies and season to taste with patis.
5. Super enjoy!

May 25, 2012

Keratin Treatment Experience at Nuh Salon and Spa

My friend and I bought vouchers from Metrodeal for Keratin Treatment at Nuh Salon and Spa for P199 each and it was once again  one of the those deals that gave me real value for my money.  I love Nuh Salon and Spa.  Though it was located some far off place, we actually know it because our friend Rona lives there.  I called for a lunch appointment and we were treated right away. 

The salon looks clean and well maintained.  The monochromatic colors give the salon a sophisticated look.  The ladies were dressed in identical black scrub suits and they were very professional even though I can feel that the lady assigned to me was just learning.  They were careful and considerate.  

The chairs, the towels, the wash area for the hair, I love them all! And I especially love how they put the towel on your hair after the shampoo! I wish I could do that at home, ha ha.  They also gave us drinks, serve in this cute mug that you can see in some of the images below.  They also have a clean bathroom, complete with tissue and hand wash.  I love a salon that gives this much attention to detail because it means the will take good care of you.

Of course, when you like what you see and the service that you are getting, you tend to buy more of their services and that was what we did!  We tried their foot spa and it was great too!  We even called our friend Rona to come over and she also had a hair spa.  It was truly an afternoon for the girls, ha ha!

And if you want to see two happy customers who had their Keratin Treatment for so cheap a price and yet so superb a service, look at the image above and below!

And yes, we asked Nuh Salon and Spa to put us in their text list so we can be informed of their latest promos.

B15 L5 Kaginhawaan St Karangalan Village Manggahan Pasig City
385 6378 or 0908 863 5188

May 21, 2012

Thank You, Lord!

Lately, things have been somewhat difficult especially because my husband lost his job. But while a lot of things are making us so frustrated, I know that I have many more reasons to be thankful in my life.  We were able to enroll the kids today, two of them paid in full and one on monthly installment.  We only have to buy their books and notebooks and other school supplies.  We don't have to buy them bags and shoes, which are usually the more expensive items, and only two uniforms for each.  These are small blessings but we are more than thankful that we are still able to send our kids to private schools.  We know God will provide!  I also know that my husband will find a much better job the soonest possible time!  Thank you, Lord!

May 16, 2012

Villa de Castro Garden & Resort, Binangonan Rizal

For Ishi's 8th birthday celebration, we went swimming at Villa De Castro Garden and Resort.  My sister and her family lives in Taytay and we just decided to drive to Binangonan with no particular resort in mind when we saw this.  This was the second resort we visited and we noticed that it was very clean and looks well maintained even during the summer peak season!  No trash left by overnight swimmers and the water looks clear.  And when I saw that their pool was covered, we stayed!
Above is an area for tables and chairs.  I think rental was just P150-P300.  There is also a convenience store but they do not sell ice.
Entrance fee to the resort is cheap!  P90 for adults and P70 for kids and we even have a discount for the birthday girl and we didn't need to pay an entrance for her! And they even gave a us a discount for the cottage so we paid only P300 instead of P500.
The cottage was very nice by the way because we have our own wash area and it was very convenient!  We call it bangerahan in Batangas. 
They also have a fish pond at the back where some of the big cottages were located.  You also have an option to rent their videoke.  These cottages were very nice for barkada, but not so much if you have kids with you because you cant see the pool from there.
This is the grilling area which was located at the walkway of the cottages near the fish pond.  It was pleasant grilling here because the view is very nice.  
Here is one of the two pools in the resort.  This one also has a wading pool for the kids.  You can see that it is covered with net so it was not too hot even during midday.  The building near the pools are the rooms that you can rent for as low as P1500.  The shower areas for girls and boys are under the rooms.
The wading pool also has this shower thingie that the kids enjoyed so much! And there are lifeguards too and signs for kids not to go on the other pool where it was deeper, 6ft.
This is the covered pool.  You can see that a portion has a net because according to the owner, it gets too hot when it was fully covered.  There is also a slide which even kids can use.  There was also a shower thingie on the other side of this pool.  The water was clean and cool, and we stayed here much of the day.

And of course, the family photos we took were nice especially because the view was perfect and kids were not too sunburned! They had so much fun and the adults love that it was not such a task to look after them like in a big resort.  I really like it here even though it was not as beautiful as Bosay resort or Green Nature and we will probably come back here one of these days.

Villa de Castro Garden and Resort
National Road, Brgy Palangoy, Binangonan, Rizal
2895998 09069526605

May 8, 2012

Missing My Home

Below is the picture of my house, taken last December 2010 months after tiling of the floors and re-painting. We spent a lot of money, but my husband still refuses to move here. I understand his concern because this house was severely damaged during the Typhoon Ondoy that struck the nation two years ago. We wanted to have a second floor with hardwood floor and a third floor and rooftop, just in case our area becomes flooded again. But I so miss my house! Its been more than a month since we visited and it has been three months since we've slept here! It is in Montalban, Rizal and is an hour away by motorcycle, and more if by public transport.
I know that it is not practical to keep paying for a house that we are not occupying even as a weekend home but we really cannot bear to rent it out. I know that we can easily get a tenant for P2,500 a month but I just cant bear to think of somebody else living here! I would rather sell it completely! Hay, emotional attachment much for something that can be used to generate income, I know.
But I know that we will be able to live here in the near future and I just have to keep on believing that God will provide for us to build it to our heart's desire. And once my husband feels safe that we can live there no matter what calamity could come, then I will miss my home no more!

Pinoy Henyo

Pinoy Henyo, a very popular game on the most popular game show in the Philippines, Eat Bulaga has indeed become the Pambansang Laro ng Bayan (national game). Last New Year's eve, we played our own version and we all had a blast! Here I am pictured below, and I didnt get the word correctly.
It is played in every gathering imaginable and all participants, young and old, love it! Here is my cousin's mother trying to get the word. It helped that the adult contestants had been drinking and their guesses are so funny! My husband's uncle who was supposed to be guessing Ilong (nose), misread it and thought that the word was Talong (eggplant)! Can you imagine how funny that was? Here is my mother-in law clapping with joy when she guessed her word correctly.
To make our game more exciting, the pair of players had to pay a fee of P20 and the pair who gets the word correctly in the shortest time, wins the pot money. The game is simple, one player guess the word while the other player anwers oo, hindi, and puede (yes, no, and possible) under two minutes of play. Me and my son Danniel won the grand prize on the final round after he guessed the word in one minute and 24 seconds.

So play your own Pinoy Henyo game and have as much fun as we had!

Churches of Bohol and Other Places to Visit in Bohol

I have been to Bohol for four times and each visit, I discover new places to enjoy! My first visit in Bohol was in December 2008, which marked a lot of firsts for my family and which we dubbed as The Great Bohol Adventure: first plane ride for the kids, first time to travel as a family, and first out of town trip for the kids. I will forever cherish Bohol for giving me a start to my love affair of traveling around the country! Since then, I have been to Boracay, Baguio, Coron, Puerto Princesa and Cebu and I wish to add more places to this list.

I just want to put out a list here of the churches of Bohol that I have been fortunate to visit and some other places of interests for those who will visit Bohol for the first time:

Dauis Church
Dauis Church Complex
Punta Cruz Watch Tower
Maribojoc Church
Loay Church
Clarin Ancestral House
Loboc Church
Loboc Museum
Albur Church
Baclayon Church
St Joseph's Cathedral
Hinagdanan Cave
Chocolate Hills
Billar Man-made Forest
Loboc Floating Restaurant
Sevilla Hanging Bridge
Bohol Divers Resort
Trudis Place
Alona Beach

Thank You!

As of late, things have become burdensome.  And while I would like to shout to the world that I am having all these problems and I feel so helpless, I am thankful that the important things in my life are still there: my family.  Thank you Lord for keeping me sane and  I know that I should trust in you to make things even greater for us!

May 4, 2012

Flamingoes Resort, Marikina City

A perfect venue for night swimming this summer peak season is Flamingoes Resort in Marikina City. We were there two weeks ago for a joint birthday party and we had fun! There were just enough people and enough lifeguards to man the pools.
 Entrance fee is only P150 and the cottage for more than 10 of us was only P500.  They have this big convenience store inside where you can buy a lot of things.  They also charge corkage fees for alcoholic drinks and soft drinks. And please note that they do not allow knives to be taken inside the resort.  They have this table near the entrance where you can do your chopping if needed.
They have lots of cottages depending on the number of people in your group. I just took a photo of the different types of cottages.

Here is the kiddie pool where we stayed most of the night just lying on the water and exchanging stories.
This is one of the big adult pools.  The mushroom has a shower but its turned off when I took this photo. There is also a big fountain of water coming out from the wall of this big pool!
This is another pool near the entrance of the resort, near the private rooms.  The side with the Nemo slide is shallow, while the other side is up to 5 ft.
This is the slide on the middle pool, just across the bridge. 
They also have one area for grilling and washing and you can rent pitchers at the convenience.  Their shower area was adequate for us because there were only a few people when we were there. But I cant imagine if the resort was full.  The restrooms are dirty and littered with shampoo wrappers but I think its the guests who are at fault here.  The cleaners were male and cant come in to clean right away.  There were ample trash cans but the guests just litter. Oh well!  Sorry for the dark pictures as I took them at night with a point and shoot camera.  

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