Jun 26, 2012

Buffet Lunch at Seven Corners

My super-duper generous boss celebrated his birthday last Friday by treating us to lunch at Seven Corners in Crowne Plaza Galleria Manila.  And I can say, with my limited experience at buffet lunches, that the spread at Seven Corners will set the bar for all of my future buffet experience! It is called seven corners  because there are food choices from almost all continents! 

Oh, and excuse the quality of the photos as I took them using my blackberry.

This is my first plate.  Its my favorite Caears Salad and Shrimp and Mango Salad.  It is truly to die for!
My second plate, more of the salad, egg dish and some fish and sushi.  I also had some salmon and eel but they were on a different plate that I shared with my officemates.
And this is the steak. No, they were not all for me.  I had them swimming in gravy and paired with the potato. It was super yummy.  We almost ran out of superlatives on our table!
I was too full already, but I just had to try some of the dishes once.  Not in the picture once more was the angel hair pasta that we tried.  The white sauce was super good!
And this lechon de leche was good too but I didnt really care much for lechon.  I know that this is something that my mom-in-law would love.
Finally, it was dessert time. Pistachio ice cream with lots of nuts and some chocolates from the choco fountain.
And this is our to-share plate for cakes and pastries. Love each of them! That is my spoon on the foreground, ready to fight, ha ha!
I don't think I can eat like this everyday so its a good thing that my boss' birthday comes only once a year, ha ha ha. I mean I really don't have the budget to eat at such a great place so this once a year treat is really, really worth it!

Jun 22, 2012

A Big N' Tasty Lunch Date

Last Wednesday, me and my two friends from the office went out on a lunch date.  We were craving for some burgers and I wanted to try McDonald's new Big N' Tasty burger.  Aryssa have tried it already and she swear it was good so we were excited.  Excuse the quality of the photos as I was using my blackberry to  take pictures. And how was it? 

True to its promise, it was big and tasty! It was reasonably priced at P165 for a meal. I chose to up-size my french fries so I added a bit more.  The sauce of the burger was very good and tasty! It was not overwhelming and was really, really good. I was like, yummmm, the whole time!
This was my whole meal and while I know that I would somehow pay for the calories, I was happy with my Big N' Tasty burger! I can't wait to try it again soon! But maybe not too soon :-)
So go and try it even once a month if you can suffer the calories! Its worth it!

Jun 11, 2012

Hassle-Free Summer with Zenni Optical Prescription Glasses

This post brought to you by Zenni Optical. All opinions are 100% mine.


Its almost summer vacation for the kids and parents like me are now thinking of ways to keep them occupied.  There are lots of activities that the kids will really enjoy and learn at the same time.  But parents like me are not just thinking of summer activities, but also of ways for kids to have a hassle free summer,  especially for my eldest who wears glasses.  Since he is very active and almost always break his prescription glasses, I always make sure that I have a spare for those emergencies.  Good thing that with Zenni Optical, affordable prescription eyeglasses are not that expensive anymore.  I can always get a spare prescription glasses for my son so that I dont have to be running around looking for an open pharmacy.  Since my son's favorite activity is basketball and although he do not wear his glasses while playing, he just put them wherever, and it gets damaged that way.  Now, with Zenni Optical, I dont get that stressed out because there are low cost eyewears that my son can wear during the summer days.  I can keep the more expensive glasses at home for school and other occasions.

Big savings on prescription glasses are such a big help in today's economy.  Any money that we can save will help us a long way.  The money that I save on affordable glasses will be such a big help in paying for my kid's summer activity, like the basketball lessons that I plan to get for my eldest son.  Also, I can get my own prescriprion glasses for such an affordble price and I can even get it on the tint that I love at only $4.95!  And the picture above is just one the prescription glasses I plan to get for my son.  Yes, its going to be such a hassle-free summer, thanks to Zenni Optical!


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Jun 6, 2012


I am listing down things that I want to buy for myself or would love to receive as gifts anytime, so here goes:

1. That SLR that I have been dreaming of for years now. Been trying to save for it but my budget always seem to be allocated for something else.
2. A nice running shoes, like the one that I bought from Adidas and then got stolen at the gym.  My shoes are always last on the list, usually after the kids, my husband and my sister. I am not much of a shoe person but I want to take running seriously so I want proper shoes.
3. A Kindle. We already ordered one but we are still waiting for a white one.  But I am so excited already and I might just go for the black one just to lay my hands on the kindle already.
4. These super cute Mont Bleu nail files!  They are so unique and I think I will get some for my friends too!
5. A new laptop.  My netbook, Liway, is already two years old and I think I am due for a new one.  Besides, we all use it at home because our desktop is busted.

I know these are pricey stuff and I really have to save up if I want any of these items but, hey, I can always get them as gifts from lovely people around, ha ha! I wish!