Jun 22, 2012

A Big N' Tasty Lunch Date

Last Wednesday, me and my two friends from the office went out on a lunch date.  We were craving for some burgers and I wanted to try McDonald's new Big N' Tasty burger.  Aryssa have tried it already and she swear it was good so we were excited.  Excuse the quality of the photos as I was using my blackberry to  take pictures. And how was it? 

True to its promise, it was big and tasty! It was reasonably priced at P165 for a meal. I chose to up-size my french fries so I added a bit more.  The sauce of the burger was very good and tasty! It was not overwhelming and was really, really good. I was like, yummmm, the whole time!
This was my whole meal and while I know that I would somehow pay for the calories, I was happy with my Big N' Tasty burger! I can't wait to try it again soon! But maybe not too soon :-)
So go and try it even once a month if you can suffer the calories! Its worth it!

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