Jun 6, 2012


I am listing down things that I want to buy for myself or would love to receive as gifts anytime, so here goes:

1. That SLR that I have been dreaming of for years now. Been trying to save for it but my budget always seem to be allocated for something else.
2. A nice running shoes, like the one that I bought from Adidas and then got stolen at the gym.  My shoes are always last on the list, usually after the kids, my husband and my sister. I am not much of a shoe person but I want to take running seriously so I want proper shoes.
3. A Kindle. We already ordered one but we are still waiting for a white one.  But I am so excited already and I might just go for the black one just to lay my hands on the kindle already.
4. These super cute Mont Bleu nail files!  They are so unique and I think I will get some for my friends too!
5. A new laptop.  My netbook, Liway, is already two years old and I think I am due for a new one.  Besides, we all use it at home because our desktop is busted.

I know these are pricey stuff and I really have to save up if I want any of these items but, hey, I can always get them as gifts from lovely people around, ha ha! I wish!

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