Jul 27, 2012

The Helmet Law, ICC Sticker and our Motorcycle

my pink helmet, gift from hubby Dec 2009
We have a 2-year old Kawasaki Curve that my husband uses to go to work to Pasay City.  He used to work at Medical City in Ortigas and since my office is on his way, we use the motorcycle to go to work everyday.  It saves us a lot of time and money and for the P3,700 monthly amortization for two years, it was well worth it.  And in those two years, we have never featured in any accident, thanks God.

Now comes the implementation of the Helmet Law and there is now an immediate need to have our helmets checked and stocked with an ICC sticker.  We use Index helmets that I don't think they will pass the inspection. My pink helmet was a gift from my husband in 2009 and is now broken in some areas. I am due for a new helmet, but hey, they are costly and is not in my budget right now. And it seems I am not alone in the confusion regarding the helmet, its implementation, and the danger of kotong! If budget is not an issue, I will go for the full-faced heavy duty helmet but their price starts at P2,500 each. I can try to have my orange helmet, a give away from Vietnam tested at the DTI office for the ICC sticker, but I can see already from my office window in Ortigas the long line of motorcycles and riders waiting at the DTI office in Mandaluyong.  I was talking to our maintenance guy and elevator guy who are both riders, and they did not attempt to line up and instead bought their helmets after taking out loans. One messenger took a leave yesterday and lined up at 5am was able to get the sticker at 2pm! That was day's loss of pay over what I think is the DTI's fault for not catching sellers of substandard helmets and making us pay for it by lining up to get the helmets checked!  Oh well, I will just try to see if I can buy new helmets for me and my husband and I hope that instead of bugging us poor motorists, the DTI would fine smugglers heavily and for the LTO to cancel the license of those drunk drivers! 

And I will try to make it a point to get pictures of people stupidly ignoring their safety by not wearing their helmets properly and post it here. 

Friday Quotes: Keep The Faith

Jul 25, 2012

Coffee Happiness!

I am an instant coffee lover.  I hate brewed, unless its the barako brew of my lola in Batangas.  That, I can drink anytime of the day when I am home in the province.  I can even have rice with my coffee, ha ha!  But brewed coffee, like the one we serve in our office, is not much of a treat for me.  Those overpriced frappucinos and machiattos are another story, but I only buy them sparingly, and sometimes when I just want to hang out with friends.  But for my real, everyday coffee craving, I am fine with the instant variety, most especially the White Coffee from Great Taste. My mom and I bond over a cup every weekend morning and sometimes at night!
When a boss at the office saw me making my White coffee fix, he gave me 3 sachets of the Barako, pictured above.  I found it too strong for my taste.  The Puti by Blend 45, which I found at the supermarket, was too bland for me, even when I mixed it with half a cup only.  So I buy my White Coffee by the dozen at the supermarket because it is cheaper there at P5.40 while it sells for P7 at the sari-sari store near us.  Unfortunately, a lot of people have also found a liking to White Coffee and it is mostly out of stock at the supermarket near me!  Good thing my office mate also love it and  lets me have one from time to time!  Okay, I am off to get me my morning coffee fix!

Jul 24, 2012

My Keratin Treatment at Hair To Go Salon

I bought two Metrodeal vouchers for Hair Keratin TX Treatment at Hair To Go Salon in St. Francis Square Mall in Mandaluyong for only P199 each for me and my sister.So I called to have an appointment and my sister and I went on different dates because our schedule.  My schedule was on a Tuesday, 7pm and I was advised to come in earlier as they are only until 8pm. In my mind, I was thinking, I thought it will take 2 hours but anyway, it was cheap so no problem at all.

The voucher's highlights about Hair To Go:
-cozy, professional, salon with a long list of celebrity clientele and endorers >
-valid for all hair lengths
-treatment takes 2-3 hours depending on the length and thickness of hair 
-no harmful chemicals involved.

So here is the cozy, professional. salon.  Its just a booth near the escalator at the entrance to St. Francis Square! The picture below is actually the whole salon and the stairs lead to a small second floor aka waiting area! I dont know about cozy and professional but this does not look either of the two to me!

When I got there at 645, the girl was busy answering questions from another client and when I hand her my voucher, she just said to wait since its not 7pm yet, this despite having been told on the phone to come earlier.  When finally it was my turn, the girl went somewhere to verify my voucher and then I was finally asked to sit where they will shampoo my hair.  The guy started draping me with this wet towel but I complained and he disappeared to look for an unused one.  Then he shampooed my hair and told me sit at a stool opposite the chairs facing the mirrors as all of it was occupied.  Here I was below, feeling sorry for myself for such a crappy treatment!
After putting the stuff on my hair and piling my hair on top, the guy told me to go up the steep stairs, a picture of which is below.  I thought he would heat my hair or something or continue with the treatment but it was just a waiting area!
There were mirrors and strange looking machines at the second floor but I was just sitting there waiting for my turn, busy tweeting.  Then after maybe 15-20 mins, a girl went up and was surprised to see me and said, "aba, may tao pa pala dito!" I wasn't feeling particularly mad or anything, just resigned to my fate, so I just smiled at her when she asked me to go down already.
So I went down and the guy rinsed my hair and then blow-dried it and I was done! So I thought to myself, that was a Keratin Treatment already, worth P1,200! Wow, what an experience! (If you cannot feel the dripping sarcasm, then go get yourself a voucher at Hair To Go Salon!)

Oh, and by the way, my sister who went there the following day had an even worse experience.  Her schedule was at 6pm, but since they accept walk-in customers even when their appointments are piling up, took 3 hours before she had her treatment! And the following day, she was complaining that her hair felt more coarse instead of softer. Oh well, that is what you get for cheap rice: cheap service.  So the next time you see any deals from Hair To Go Salon, beware! 

Jul 23, 2012

Funny Signs Around Ilocos

During our department's planning and team building, I chanced upon some funny signs around Ilocos and here are some of them.

This hamburger stall at the side of Paoay Church is called Big Mak and is obviously unaware of copyright infringement or other what-not! 
A great reminder to just stick to drinking and not lose face, ha ha!
 And a reminder that an egg a day is okay! A special note to hypertensive people out there who love eggs!

Jul 13, 2012

Friday Quotes

Dream Trip: The San Antonio Vacation Experience!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of SAVE for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I love travelling!  I have been to various parts of the country, thanks to various airline ticket sale and a  group of friends who share the same passion and who share on the expenses.  I really love to travel because I get to see new places, experience how the people live and have new experiences.  But of course, travelling is really expensive and one must always find ways to save on money so one must always be on the lookout to find a trip that is both gping to be memorable, yet easy on the budget. My dream trip that fits that descriptrion would be the SAVE – San Antonio Vacation Experience! There are lots of ways to enjoy a San Antonio Vacation without putting too much dent on your pocket because of the many exlusive discounts, deals and Limited Time Offers from San Antonio's hotels, resorts, theme parks and shopping malls.  Now, what else can you ask for in a dream vacation?SeaWorld Aquatica_Ray Lagoon Family.jpg

And for the sheer fun of planning a vacation, here is my sample itinerary if travelling with my group of six adults and 8 kids:

1. First would be check in at Ramada Inn Seaworld where rooms ranges from $45 to $115.  The hotel alone with its water facilities will already be a hit with the kids! For three families, this could already mean saving of $100 each!

2. Next on the list will be a visit to Six Flags or SeaWorld where there are multiple discounts for families and big groups on tour.  This will take care of more than a day of fun and adventure for the kids and the parents.

3. And for a day of history, learning and adventure, a visit to the San Antonio Zoo, San Antonio Museum and Ripley's believe it or not will cover everything there is to do!

And I have not even listed down the place where the adults can do their shopping! And I think I dont have to list them down, as long as we continously check on updates at Twitter, @SAVEinSA, while we are there! 

So if you want to have a grand vacation that gives you lot savings and great value for your money, check out SAVE – San Antonio Vacation Experience and have a great, grand time!

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Jul 11, 2012

Tweeting While on A Bus #BusRiderBlues

Here is a series of tweets I sent this morning while standing on a bus on my way to work: #busriderblues

"Kuyang magmamani, ngayon p talaga makisiksik?! Tindi ng pangangailangan, miski sa punuan na bus, business as usual ka?! ‪#busriderblues‬

 "Ate, sna dalawa ang ibinayad mo. Di tayo kasya sa dalawahang upuan e. Hiya naman ako sa yo, kaso ako ang nasa gilid e! Grrr! ‪#busriderblues‬

"Kuyaaaaa, itago ang matulis na bagayyyyyy! Manyak ka, ang aga aga! ‪#busriderblues‬

 "Si ateng naka earphone, wagas kung maka kembot! Hindi to dance floor te! Nakatayo tayo sa siksikang bus! Chura nito! ‪#busriderblues‬

 "Si Kuya kung makapaghilik para kming sakay sa tren sa lakas! At ang laway, kakawalang gana! ‪#busriderblues‬

 "Si manong konduktor kung mkapagtawag ng pasahero kala mo ga-titanic ang bus nya sa laki! Sardinas na kami! ‪#busriderblues‬

 "Kung si ate makipag usap sa phone e kala mo alone siya. Alam n nming lahat ang story 'te at kampi kami dun sa isang girl!‪#busriderblues‬

 "Ung bababa ka na pala kuya pero di ka agad tumayo tapos maghihintay kaming lahat na makababa ka! At ikaw pa galit e alam mo ng puno ang bus! #busriderblues

Bible Quotes Daily:God's Love

Jul 9, 2012

Bible Quotes Daily: Monday

Bible Quotes Daily
I am starting a daily  meme called Bible Quotes to fill  our minds with the wisdom of the Bible to guide us through the week.
Hope these quotes touch something in your hearts and guide you in your lives.

Jul 5, 2012

One Winner for the 6/55 Grand Lotto Draw

Only one person got the right combination of 36-26-10-49-32-37 to win the P163.9 million jackpot for the Grand Lotto 6/55 draw last night.  This morning, my mom and I were talking and I ended up asking her if she thinks the winner was indeed lucky.  I thought it was scary to get that much money in one go!  For me, I can only imagine winning up to P50 million only, ha ha.  My mom said if she were that person, she would claim her winnings only after a month and when she has another place to go to.  Since she would write down our current address to claim her prize, then immediately after getting her money, she would move to a hotel or someplace else and then start a new modest, albeit comfortable life.  I told her that it is exactly what I wouldn't like about winning: moving from my house out of fear for my life.  The reason why I bet on the lotto is to be able to give a much comfortable to my family but winning such a huge amount would make me scared for my life instead.  I would rather win P3 million and just pay for my loans and renovate the kitchen than win P163.9 million and move frequently to avoid being kidnapped, ha ha.  Of course, the chances of me winning the lotto jackpot is one in a x-million times so I would not waste my time anymore thinking of what to buy and where to live.  For now.  Ha ha.

Jul 4, 2012

How Do You Like Your KFC Chicken?

Lat week, my office mates and I went out for lunch at KFC and ordered a bucket for the five of us.  We ordered the Original and Hot & Crispy Flavor and mashed potato as side dish.
The meal comes with 4 servings of rice as well. But forever in diet that we all were, we only ate half of the serving.  I was telling my friends that whenever I was with my family at KFC, we would order a minimum of
8 servings of rice. But aside from the chicken, we all agreed that the best thing about KFC is their gravy.  We were five girls, and we each take turns getting as much gravy as we can to our mashed potato and chicken!  That's how we like our KFC, swimming in its own gravy!
 Below is my share of the bucket which I took before I pour a plateful of gravy!  I especially love the Hot & Crispy flavor and how I have to whistle because of how hot it is.  Its really good!
So how do you like your KFC chicken?

Jul 1, 2012

'Imma Player!

Well, not really, ha ha ha.  That's just me trying on my son's summer basketball uniform.  Yes, he is bigger than me now and the shorts reach further down my knees and I don't think I can even jump an inch from the ground while wearing his rubber shoes.  Oh well, I just took literally what it says about walking in one's shoes and I realized, I cant do it, he he.