Aug 9, 2012

Glass Nail Files: Perfect Nails!

I just had my nails done over the weekend but I am not happy with the result.  The sides were not properly filed so the shape looks weird.  I am not going back to that salon anymore and would just do my own nails!  Especially now that I found out all about glass nail file. These are Czech made glass nail files so the quality of the nail files is guaranteed. The designs, especially those with Swarovski crystals, are so wonderful and artful that they are even perfect for gifts!  The glass nail files are so easy to clean and they are so durable too. I will surely get my money's worth and my nails will look gorgeous too! My nails will not crack nor split so I am assured that my nails will look well even if I just do them myself. And I also read that they are so durable and safe to use because they are really intended to give the user the ultimate satisfaction.  And, they are so durable you only need to buy one glass nail file this lifetime! So goodbye for now while I order some nail files for me and my friends and I will show you my perfect nails sometime soon!

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