Aug 26, 2012

Vigan Empanada

One of the highlights of our Ilocos Tour was the food and on our last day, we decided to buy their famous Vigan Empanada and Vigan Longganisa.  I wasnt able to take pictures of the longganisa but suffice it to say that we really, really loved it!  And for the purposes of honesty and full disclosure, I wasnt able to sample a Vigan Empanada either.  Yes, one more reason to go back to Ilocos!
In front of the Plaza Burgos which is beside the church is the empandahan, also known as Plaza Empanada,  Vigan-Style.  It is one row of empanada stores where you can sit and eat as many empanadas as you want.  I was lucky to be able to take pictures of how they make the empanadas even though I didnt buy any because we were already on our way to lunch. 
The dough flattened and the filling prepared. The egg white was removed and just the yolk was placed with longganisa and veggies.
And deep fried of course!  I would have wanted to sit there and eat one but my boss was calling us for lunch already.
My office mates bought their empanadas from Irene's at Crisologo Street because it has a box and easier to carry home as pasalubong. 
Indeed one more reason to go back to Vigan just to eat an empanada.

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