Sep 21, 2012

A Seriously BIG BURGER!

Last Friday, our group of 5 girls went to Fab Restaurant in Holiday Inn Galleria to use the voucher that my friend bought.  It was for the biggest burger in town, and it was indeed a seriously big burger!

Sorry about the quality of the photo, but I took it using my blackberry on a dimly-lighted room, just because I wanted to share how big the burger was! It was cut into 8 and we initially had a slice each.  When we finished each of our slice, we asked to have the remaining burger sliced more thinly!

The burger was good, especially the bun and the condiments but the size was overwhelming and we didn't get to finish the whole thing!

For perspective, that's my slice and I was using a whole plate!

Fab Restaurant is located at 4F, Holiday Inn Galleria Manila in Ortigas Pasig (beside Robinsons Galleria Mall)

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